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    All-Time Best Men's Health Tips

    I actually think this is very true. I always try to go to stalls that are less visited, for various reasons. I don't think I should get into all the particulars about it though.
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    How often do you wash your hair?

    Yeah, I try to keep it at that level. Once every other day seems to be alright. There is the thought that many of these shampoos and conditioners are really bad for our hair and that we should only be using natural essential oils. Check out
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    How much coffee?

    Me neither, I am Mr. Grumpy pants without my daily dose of caffeine. I don't like to go crazy with it like I have been with the espresso machine but it's a new gift so I had a little fun!
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    How much coffee?

    Well, I will confess something. I have gone a little crazy with my new espresso machine and a couple of days I actually had a double latte...twice! So that means I had 4 shots of espresso total and I was up all night! Doh!
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    Flat stomach

    I'm going to advise something that you may think is counter productive but I learned this from a super successful personal trainer. Stop doing sit ups, crunches or any form of them. Believe it or not, doing these exercises only pushes those muscles out further. Hence, expanding your stomach...
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    All-Time Best Men's Health Tips

    Hey guys, here's a great list of Men's Health best tips for us! I like the tip about commenting on women. I can attest to that one!
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    10 Reasons Why You Should Eat More Butter!

    Margarine is so bad for us it's ridiculous. I mean how many people have had heart attacks for the crap they have eaten. I'm willing to bet with the new guidelines on trans-fats, we could find more than a few!
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    Health question in general

    Well, I have to be honest, I have never heard of this either. I think if we shortened our intestines, then we would have other problems with digestion etc. Maybe in the next evolutionary phase then?
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    10 Reasons Why You Should Eat More Butter!

    Here is a great list of reasons why you should eat more butter! As if you needed any right? Well here you go! Hmm, that sounds good, I think I'll have that!
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    Chemicals on real Christmas trees?

    Well, it wouldn't surprise me but here is what I found with a simple search. On another note, we took our artificial tree down and that thing was shedding so bad we thought we had a real tree! Lol.
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    Spice rack

    You think those are bad? I once saw black licorice in a spice rack and I know most guys can't stand the taste of black licorice. Statistics say that many women do like black or red licorice so it's kind of weird.
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    Dry Skin

    I agree with you on that one! I hate putting lotion on. I always feel greasy and I like clean and dry hands that don't smudge things like my remote, phone, and keyboard.
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    Public Isn't Buying Lamestream Media's Contrived Attack On MultiVitamins

    If you haven't seen the recent smear campaigns on natural supplements then you were most likely not paying attention. Basically, every single day, we are under attack. The herbs and vitamins that we use are constantly being attacked by big pharmaceutical companies and their minions. Mike Adams...
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    Cilantro for Mercury Detox

    Well, this is just a bonus now! I love eating cilantro on all my food! The fresh herb has a permanent place in my fridge. When I made guacamole, it was so fresh with all the cilantro. That's really great that it detoxes heavy metals as well.
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    Do you do anything to try to relieve stress?

    I like to get out and go for a walk. If I'm out in the fresh air breathing, moving, I can usually start to feel better right away. I also like to stretch a little bit as well. You'd be surprised how stretching a little bit relieves plenty of stress.