10 Reasons Why You Should Eat More Butter!


Love this list! I grew up on the fake stuff but once I started buying butter, I never looked back.

We grew up in a time when everyone was told to stop using butter on vegetables to lower fat. I still struggle with putting butter on veggies for my kids...and myself! They often taste so much better that way.


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We love butter in this house and I really need to purchase a ceramic butter keeper. Does anyone here have one of these? Butter "sauce" as we call it for the kids works great to get them to eat veggies too.


Margarine is so bad for us it's ridiculous. I mean how many people have had heart attacks for the crap they have eaten. I'm willing to bet with the new guidelines on trans-fats, we could find more than a few!


I prefer real butter to margarine as well. I don't put it on our vegetables though, but I bet the kids would eat more vegetables if I did.


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blaa butter. I don't quite feel right after dairy products, I mostly hit up the oils when cooking.