What is Chakra Healing?

According to Hindu, Buddhist and many other spiritual traditions, the human body consists not only of the physical self, but also of a network of subtle energies centered in various regions such as the heart, head and stomach. Although known by many names, these energy centers are most commonly called chakras, from the Hindu tradition. […]

How to Treat Thrush Easily and Effectively

Thrush is a yeast infection caused by the fungus Candida albicans. When you have taken oral antibiotics, it changes the chemical environment in the mouth, thus allowing for an overgrowth of yeast. A nursing mother can pass thrush on to her baby by breastfeeding if the mother has an oral or vaginal yeast infection. In […]

Acupuncture For Pain Control

Adults around the world are expected to experience some form of pain at different points in their lifetime. While pain comes from a wide range of sources, such as inflammation in the joints or muscle pain from heavy lifting, it will sometimes last for several days, months or even years. Finding a solution to pain […]

Balance Your Chakras Using Chi Energy

As health and wellness websites proliferate, more and more people learn about alternative health solutions. The information revolution is transforming the way people improve their mental, physical and spiritual wellness. Today, any open-minded people look to Eastern chakra theory to improve their lives. Developed thousands of years ago by Hindu and Buddhist thinkers, chakra theory […]

Do I Have to Believe in Reiki for It to Work?

Reiki involves the practice of directing the energy of the “life force” through oneself. That energy comes from the Divine and will pulsate through your being like a drum. You do, but you do not have to believe in Reiki for it to work. This is one of the many wise paradoxes of human existence. […]

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