Are you a fan of starfruit? One of my husband's coworkers gave him some so I sliced one up this morning. It's a little tart though.


No, I'm not. In fact, I think I have tasted had it only once or twice. I am not a fan of its sweet-tangy taste. It's too tart for me.


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I see the tree's being sold at the local home improvement stores, but haven't bought one. I cannot remember what they taste like and they are pretty expensive in the grocery store. About $4 or $5 for one. Almost cheaper to buy a tree for about $19.95.


We like them but rarely buy them beause of the expense like jason said. I do think they are pretty in a fruit salad though. I didn't know you buy the trees. I may have to look into that. It would a good conversation piece.


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I have never tried it, but they sure do look pretty. Considering I'm not confident of the taste of these, the extra expense is not worth it to me. Even if it was delicious I would probably not want to spend that much. I would like to try it one day though.


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I like starfruit with just a little bit of Stevia. It helps adding a little sweet to cut through the tangy. Before a friend introduced me to Stevia I used to use sugar on grapefruit so I decided to try the Stevia on starfruit. It's really not bad.