What is the effective way of Treating Balanitis


Balanitis as a condition that is found in some men and mostly do result in discomfort and pain at times. Having been given the option, by the doctor, to go for male circumcision I regret to say that that has not taken place yet. The balanitis cased penile ulceration that making it difficult for the said operation to take place. So my question is, is there another effective way(s) of treating balanitis apart from male circumcision? Please feel free to share your experience. Thanks in Advance!
Retract your foreskin and soak in warm water daily. Cheap and effective treatment. I can't imagine anyone willingly going through a circumcision as an adult. I would recommend getting a second opinion.


It may be a touchy subject but it is an important health issue for some men. I'm sure there would be some sort of anesthesia involved in a procedure such as this. How could there not be?


The only experience I have with this is with a male who was already circumcised. His led to the opening partly healing over. That required a procedure to reopen it, which was quick and easy. I wonder if remedies to soothe the inflammation and rawness would help? Maybe a calendula balm or some beeswax salve?
If a bacterial infection is the cause of your balanitis, you will be prescribed a seven-day course of an oral antibiotic (antibiotic tablets or capsules), such as flucloxacillin or metronidazole.