Warm Milk Really Works


I was doing some reading on various remedies for common problems and I found this bit of information really welcome. When you have insomnia, a glass of warm milk really helps. It has tryptophan, like other substances which make you drowsy, like turkey. Nice to know Mom wasn't wrong about everything.


I've never tried warm milk before for this. Good to hear that it works though. Next time I'm having trouble sleeping I'll give it a try.


I actually knew that one! Sometimes I make that for my kids when they are having trouble getting to sleep. I add a dash of vanilla and a little bit of sugar to make it really yummy.


I don't use warm milk often but it really does work. My hubby likes to use cold milk before bed because he swears that it helps him fall asleep easier. It's good to know he isn't just having a placebo effect reaction.


Reading helps me sleep when I can't. I don't like warm milk unless it has cocoa in it. To me it's just not a good flavored drink. I have never tried it either to help me sleep so I don't know if it really works.


I should see if my oldest daughter will drink it. That girl fights sleep like no other. Last night was a good night because she fell asleep by 11 pm.


I didn't know milk had the tryptophan factor in it like turkey does. I can really get into an afternoon nap after lunch on Thanksgiving. I'll know to try milk next time when I'm having difficulty sleeping.


All Lady
This works great for the kids but it does not agree with me at all. I have tried it a few times and for some reason no matter what type (whole, 1%, 2%) it makes me nauseous. I guess it depends for others too but I like my milk cold.