Walking 30 minutes per day


Does anyone even have time to walk for 30 minutes per day? I mean I'm single and I still have a hard time finding the chance to do this! I can't imagine if you have a family with a spouse, and kids etc.


I make time. I am important so I make time for myself! I get up early some days just to get the walk in. I also park far away so I get extra steps in.


I'm not good about working out daily, but I hit the gym pretty hard twice a week. I usually spend 90 minutes or so doing cardio and strength training.


One thing you can do is walk to work or to any other place you need to go. To me it's almost impossible to dedicate 30 minutes to something new. I only can incorporate it in the daily routine.


If you mean going out for a 30-minute walk, then I am not able to do such on a daily basis. Nevertheless, I always try to squeeze walking into my day. I use the stairs instead of the escalator or walk to the place I need to go as much as possible.

Lesa Thomas

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Walking is one of the most popular and safest exercises for all aged people because of its effectiveness. Walking is a natural type of exercise helps for weight loss, burn extra calories, improve overall health. Just 30 minute early walk burns more calories from body.