Vitamans and Minerals from herbs

Ginko Farwalker

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I know Thistle leaf is pretty high in these but I was wondering if it is possible to get most if not all your daily dose of the Vitamans and Minerals that you need exclusively from herbs. I've been trying to do a vegetarian diet for a while and always fell short because of this issue.

Chris Marten

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I am a big organic conscious. I like the products which have natural and organic contents in it. Vitamin and minerals or other supplementaries, I prefer organic intake. Say it a daily dose or a self building material products. As you said you are on vegetarian diet, its good but it will take time to enhance your body metabolism. I genuinely go for vegetarian diet. My activities for personality development like say I am big beard growth fan I use beard vitamins and supplements to ensure my faster growth and for all other purpose as well. Organic and herbs Vitamins and supplements are actually very effective.
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