My cat left the house for a couple of days, making me worry, and when he came back, he a lot of ticks on him. I plucked off all that I could find and cleaned off areas with alcohol and soap. Is there a safe way, preferably herbal, to keep ticks off of him?


You did the best thing you could do Greenwoman by picking off the ticks and cleaning the area around them. After doing some research, I found this article that suggests using brewer's yeast in the cat's food. I had never hear this before. Interesting!


I tried the brewer's yeast last year when we had a flea problem. Unfortunately, my cats didn't like the taste. It was hard to get them to eat it. I think it might work better if you start with a very small amount, maybe mixed into some strongly flavored wet food, and gradually increase the amount.


Doesn't cinnamon sprinkled on the animal's fur help ward off fleas and ticks? Seems like I've heard that somewhere along the line. I'll have to do my research and find out. I have used commercial flea powder from time to time but found that ineffective and the cat hates it.


All Lady
This is something we have never had to deal with (thankfully), whatever you find out though please share. We do have one outside cat that comes in at night and she is checked daily. I have seen repellents but nothing for after it happens.


I have cats and dogs that are outside more than they are inside, so I think I'll try the brewers yeast. That sounds effective. I have a 10 week old puppy, and all he eats yet is food softened with water, so this sounds like a good fit.