Have you ever thought about being a surrogate carrier for another couple? I'm not done having my own family yet, but once I am, I think it would be a neat thing to do for someone.


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As long as you don't get attached and are prepared to deal with someone else micromanging you then I hope you enjoy the experience. You will also want to have a lawyer involved for the protection of both yourself and the future parents. These sort of things have led to some pretty drastic court battles. Personally I don't want children of my own, so having them for someone else particularly someone I don't know is right out.


I have thought about it, but nothing too seriously. Because I haven't had my own children yet, I'm not a good candidate for it, of course, and my thought process of considering it would need to wait for several years. I think surrogates are simply amazing, though, and I have a high respect for anyone who does it.


I personally would not be able to do this as I am an emotional person. I do believe that a woman who can do this is giving the most generous gift of life to a couple anyone can ever imagine. I would be concerned about problems arising with the surrogate Mom and the surrogate parents. If it is done without any problems I think it is wonderful.


I have my old children and can't imagine doing this myself. I had a few issues with my pregnancies. However I think it is a good thing for couples wanting children. There should be lawyers involved to avoid the knock out drag out battles.


I get so sick everytime I'm pregnant that I couldn't imagen doing it for someone else. I also do not think that fter I spent 9 mounths with the little thing inside of me, I could just give it up like that. The people who d o that are a lot stronger then I am.