Holidays always cause me to overeat. Actually, I'm the one that overeats. Holidays have nothing to do with it except for all the delicious food. What helps take away that over full feeling? My diet starts tomorrow but I need help today. :)


For me, it's drinking some club soda with lemon or lime so I can burp it out! Also, getting up and doing the dishes or going out walking around a bit. That usually lightens the load a bit for me. I try not to overeat though it can be tough during the holidays.


All Lady
Drink more water. Anytime you can fill up on a drink you are less likely to eat. Water is always better than juice, soda or wine. I overate a bit this last holiday but I also suffered from it after and learned my lesson. I do not plan to do the same thing this month.


I feel horrible when I get too full. It's nauseating. I took it easy on Thanksgiving. I did not go back for seconds on anything which probably helped a lot.


I really try not to overeat during the holidays. I don't want to have that uncomfortably full and tight feeling in my tummy. Like the others, I drink water since aids in digestion. When I feel full, I get up, take a short walk or do gentle exercises.