Losing hair!


I swear I am pulling hair out by the handful every time I shower. What could be causing this? Am I missing something in my body? I don't take any supplements yet but I will start. I don't want to go bald!


All Lady
Have you changed anything recently? Any new products that you can think of? A friend of mine who I went to school with always had thinning hair but it runs in her family.

Carol Kenny

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I have heard of thinning of hair being hereditary. You can recommend your friend for hair extensions. I am using hair extensions for hair styling , it can also be a solution to hair loss. I highly recommend to try these out.


Definitely look into B6 deficiency. That can cause hair loss. I take B6 regularly, due to a deficiency caused by my asthma medicine. When I stop taking it, I start losing hair.