Lessons From the NFL"s MRSA Outbreak


Thanks for the article Aconite. I hadn't heard this little bug had affected the NFL but it only makes sense that it would. Those guys are in such close proximity to each other in the locker rooms. What is the solution? Please tell us.


Well, yes it seems only natural but really unfortunate. Has anyone noticed that the pharmaceutical companies have not had any new antibiotics in years? There's a reason for that. They know their formulas are not fairing well against these things, and in fact, they're literally creating them with all the antibiotics we consume in our food and when we go to the doctor.

The solution is simple, colloidal silver, vitamin d3, vitamin c, essential oils like oregano, lemongrass, antioxidants and Curcumin C3 will do the trick. I just read that a guy is going to have part of his bone removed from his foot. What?!