How to make shower gel


I'm new to making soap! There has to be a way to make scented shower gel right? Pomegranate is my favorite smell so I thought I would try to make some. It's so expensive in stores. Anyone have a recipe and tips?


No, I opened this thread thinking I'd never seen a recipe for that and that you were going to share one! I do know one of my friends made soft hand soap. Maybe that could be used as shower gel?


This is something that I've never done but have always wanted to. Never thought about shower gel though. I would think you could find some recipes for this on line somewhere.


I've never done it but from what I understand, it's a little more involved than making bar soap. I believe you also have to put a preservative in it, which is something you don't worry about with bar soap.


All Lady
I am thinking about making my own things like this, I am not sure the husband would go for this though. I think the more I can make at home the better I can save at the store.


I don't have the time to go search for it now, but I am pretty sure that I have a recipe for homemade shower gel on one of my Pinterest boards. As soon as I get an extra second I will go check, but it's time to ket the kids in bed now.