Hernia's common


How common are hernias in men? I swear most of the men I know have had one at one time or another. My cousin is going in for surgery tomorrow to have one fixed. Are they usually caused from lifting too much weight?


Apparently it's pretty common. I too hear a lot of guys getting hernia's. I guess I've been lucky because I haven't gotten one yet. Knock on wood.


There are several different kinds of hernias, but the most common one is caused by lifting too much or lifting the wrong way, combined with an inherent weakness in the muscle wall or connective tissue. According to statistics, almost 1/3 of all people will suffer with a hernia at least once in their lifetime.
Among women, older age, rural residence, greater height, chronic cough, and umbilical hernia were associated with inguinal hernia. In the United States, inguinal hernias are common among men, especially with aging. The lower risk among heavier men was unexpected and bears further study.