Herbs that Detoxify the Body


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Are there any specific herbs that help in detoxifying the body? I heard about fruits and vegetables that will remove toxins in the body but I want to know if there are herbs that can hasten in detoxifying the body.


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Yes there are some herbs which have detoxifying qualities, i.e. aloe vera (destroying pathogenic bacteria and viruses, also removing toxic substances in your body) Grapefruit Seed Extract (great antiseptic), and also kelp.


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You can try something like this:


 Drink a glass of lemon water or drink a glass of water with added: one  teaspoon of apple cider vinegar and one teaspoon of blackstrap molasses

 Drink a glass of water with psyllium husk powder (follow with another glass  of water).

 Take 2-3 multi-digestive enzymes
Take liver herbs
 In Between Meals

 Drink herbals teas which support the liver, including  Dandelion/licorice/ginger/fennel
 Note: Following a good diet is mandatory for herbs to work optimally.


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Herbal Tea like the ever so popular Green Tea is great for detoxifying the body and riding it of all of those free radicals.