Herbs in Pots


Hubby and I are getting ready to downsize and move to a much smaller house. I will miss my herb garden but have high hopes for growing herbs in pots. What are my best options for pot growing? I love the smell of basil but I know it gets very tall. Mint and oregano like to spread so I'm not sure how long they would last in a pot. Any suggestions?


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I grow all my herbs in pots anymore. I use my earth boxes like you see in my avatar, plus various size containers. Some herbs last through the mild winters and little bit of frost, while others will not, some will last through the summer heat, while others will not, and I've had a few that have been growing for two or more years with no problems.


I've grown oregano in pots and it grows fine. Basil will do okay in a pot, also. Just start with a bigger pot or be ready to re-pot if it outgrows what you've got it in.


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I caught something the other day where the frame was made full of wood in a triangle shape (similar to the pyramids). I am not sure if it will work for the size you need to fill but since you make the shelves yourself I would think you can alter the sizing to fit your needs.


I grow both basil and rosemary in pots. I just grabbed very large pots so I would have room for them to spread a bit.


I think any herb will work in a pot as long as it is big enough. herbs out grow the small "herb kit" style pots really quickly. I don't think you will have any problem with it though.


I have been very successful container gardening. Right now I have basil that is growing out of control! There hasn't been an herb that I've planted that hasn't produced for me. I hope you will be pleasantly surprised!