Got Boils?


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Hello everyone! Nature here with another post for you all!

I had the most unpleasant experience with boils bar none over the winter. my hair is very corse so it added to the drama and worsened my predicament. Those suffering with Hidradenitis suppurativa (HS) or reallllllly bad boils know the drill when you eat bad foods you get worse boils.

those that don't have boils have no idea the pain and stress that comes with it. So as a gift to the unlucky boil hosts are a few cures to ease your gushing woe's.

What not to eat: Anything that is processed like red meats and dairy products. refined foods like sugar or white flower. peanut butter is a bad one on the list. so basically anything made by humans or animals.

Things to mainly eat are: natural greens, water, fruit, lean chicken breast, seeds, nuts, berries. so mainly anything grown from the ground..the chicken is for food volume so you don't go crazy with just greens.

Spices, herbs and fruit that cure Boils are: Thumeric powder, fresh chopped parsley, green tea, pineapple, blueberries,

since HS / Boils is an inflammatory illness it would be best to eat what is on the list on days you flare up.

to ease the pain of flare ups its best to hold a hot facecloth over the boil till it comes to head then it will pop on its own. soak in a hot bath of epsom salts. unscented works best.

only drink water!

That is all for now!

If you have an illness that your doctors cant figure out i recommend a great book by a legendary herbalist named Doctor Christopher.

here is a link to his book:


I think a lot of this advice can be applied to anyone who suffers from any kind of inflammatory diseases like Crohn's Disease, Sarcoidosis, IBS, Lupus, etc. Anytime you have inflammation in the body, I believe eating foods that inflame are bad. Good information!


I had no idea that foods affected boils. I've never been bothered with them but they sound really painful. We should all be eating all natural foods. Processed foods are bad news and have caused more health issues than we probably know about. Thanks for sharing.


I have had boils a few times, but I didn't know that the food that we eat could trigger their appearance. When I had a boil, I just applied warm compress to the affected area.


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thats a good thing to do also. it helps bring down the swelling and help it come to a head. then it will open and drain. it's a great feeling especially if you have deep boils.


I have had boils before, and it felt uncomfortable having a painful lump on my skin. All I did when I had one was to turn to the classic home remedy - apply warm compress.


I had no idea that what I eat could cause boils! I really thought they were caused by clogged pores. I sweat a ton at my Zumba class and even though I shower as soon as I am finished with the class I still get a few boils. It's good to know that there are other causes as well. I will be more careful with what I eat.


Have you ever looked into heavy metal poisoning before? I only say this because there has been links to heavy metals and inflammatory diseases. Detoxing and getting your blood tested would be things to start with. I detox every day with a little bit of vitamin c.


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wow this is a great bit of information, I eat whole foods nothing processed, I even grow some of my own veggies in my garden. yea sugar and dairy products are not something in my diet. your body is a temple treat it as such.