Going Gluten-Free


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A lot of people I know have been going gluten-free. Two friends have noted that after doing so, they realized a sense of depression they didn't even realize they were living with had lifted. Another noted how her son's behavior improved dramatically after removing gluten from their diet. I have been resisting the idea that it could help my family, but now I think I'm going to ease into it, if I can find a way to afford it.

Anybody else have feedback about going gluten-free?


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I have been resisting the idea of going gluten-free too. I am not sure just how healthy it is to go totally gluten-free. At the same time, I have not taken the time to really research gluten, exactly what it is and how it affects our health.


Wow! I love reading good things when I read about people going "gluten-free". I have not caved in yet to the whole concept but I am getting closer. I imagine it is a lot harder to cook for and plan meals for a gluten-free diet.