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How often do you get out of the house with your friends without kids or your spouse? I don't that often but I got to go out with some girlfriends last night and it was so relaxing and refreshing.


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I try to get out and do something with friends once a week. My hubby and I each get a night out while the other spends quality time with the kids. I might go out for dinner or a show. Occasionally we'll go shopping. But sitting around and catching up is the best.

Sarah C.

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When I was married and my daughter was small, I would go out to dinner or a movie with a friend of mine about once a week. I think it is important to socialize with your friends, and to have a chance to relax and reenergize yourself. It makes you appreciate home and your family more.
I hardly ever get out. However, I don't like to go out at all. I probably spend time away from them at my mom's about once every 2 months. I have a good time, but I like to be home the best. I never go out with my friends.


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Getting out? What is that? I spend so much time with the kids and working, I don't get out. I think the last time I was able to get out and really enjoy myself was before my six-year-old was born.
I wish I could get out more often! I feel like almost everything interesting to do costs money, and money is something I really don't have.

Sometimes I'll get out and take a walk with my husband though. It's better than nothing, right?


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If I go out then it is with my husband and another couple. We have several married friends and we just go out to a movie and dinner. Most of the time when the kids are gone then my husband and I go out. We share the same interests and he is basically my best friend. I talk to my girlfriends everyday though. It would be nice to go out with them once in a while.


We go out at least once a week for dinner or some night on the town. We spend another evening with family and once a month with couples in our church. We try to go out at least three days a week to get out of the house and into the sunshine. It's not too bad for an old retired couple.


I never get out of the house really except to run errands. I am 100% focused on my goals and I won't go out and have fun until I reach them.
Well, I live alone. Going out alone, too. Most of the time. So doesn't really makes much difference in the way of company. Of course, I do go out. Once in a while. Just to make sure that the sun is still shining. Or something like that.


I am out without kids if I'm working out at the gym, which is 3 times a week. Getting that hour or two to myself is very nice.


I live only with my father, so I am actually free to go out and hang out with friends but I don't do it often. To start with, almost all my friends are married and have kids, so I can't just invite them whenever I feel like hanging around. But there are times we plan a day in which we sort of get together
I go out most of the time with my friends. I am still single that's why I go out very often. :) I go out for a all-girl-time with my mom and sister sometimes, but not as often as I go out with my friends.


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Pretty much never. I'm a single mom and don't know many people where I live so going without little ones isn't possible. My boyfriend and I try to go out alone at least once a month.
My husband is a teacher at a private school and we are living on just one income because we feel it is important for one of us to be home with our children. Because of this, we are tight on "spending money" to take to go out very often. What I do try to do is at least a few times a month I take turns with some other mothers and we do play dates at each other's houses. It doesn't cost a thing and the kids enjoy it. I usually go out with friends once a month and we do lunch or dinner somewhere and just talk. We don't need to spend a lot of money to get out! I am lucky to have my mom only about a mile away from my house, so in order to stay sane, I usually go over to her house a few days a week for a couple of hours. My kids are very close to her (and I know they will remember these times when they get older), and it means a lot to me to spend that time with her!
I make it sure that I go out and hangout with my friends at least once a week. We either watch a movie or just chill inside a coffee shop and it's indeed very refreshing especially coming from a week of business and just doing loads of work.
To be truthful in the last 7 years I have been out about twice. My daughter is now older 12 in fact and now doing things with her friends. So i intend to do some sociallising, if I can remember how it's done. LOL


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It is very healthy to go out with your friends once in a while. You should really put some time aside for girl time or "me" time. It is important that everyone gets a chance to get out and unwind and have some to catch up and relax. This is healthy for you.


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If you have friends who love you, you can have a nice time. If you don't, going out with them will be more frustrating than staying in so think hard before you decide what you will do with your free time.


I don't go out as much as I would like to. I don't have anyone to go with me and it's not as much fun to go by myself. This year my new goal is go out even if I have to go by myself even if it's just to the movies.

Trying to get more involved with the church to give me more to do.