Feeling worse than before


I went to see my chiorpractor last week because of some shoulder issues I was having. He said he's never seen me as bad as I was in places that I'm usually not challenged with. Here is it almost a week later and I'm still in quite a bit of pain. I do hope this will subside soon.


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What did he say was the main issue? I really need to find a good local chiropractor but not knowing anyone who has been to one in this town is proving harder to find someone I can trust.


Did you call him back up? If they are new areas with problems, did he say that it may be a few visits before you notice improvements? Just wanted to throw a few ideas out there and wish you luck. Being in pain sucks!


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I am sorry to hear you are not feeing better. Can you go in for more treatments or doesn't he think that will help? I would consider calling your chiropractor up to address your concerns. I hope your pain improves soon.


What did he say the problem was? Did you pull something? I wouldn't call the chiropractor yet if you are seeing the doctor. I'm not a big chiropractor fan to be honest.


I think I would also give them a call and see if there is anything more that they can do for you. After a week, it should be getting better, not worse. Good luck and hope you get better soon, too.