Favorite Scent


What is your favorite candle scent? I find myself reaching for the bayberry most of the time; it's such a lovely fragrance and most of the people who use my candles like it too.
I love scented candles myself and use them around the house all the time. Bayberry is one of my favorites along with vanilla and some citrus scents.


I have to admit I like the coffee smell of candles. I know Yankee Candle used to have this scent a few years ago. However, I have not seen it sense and really hope they did not phase this out!


I have a closet full of candles. I love candles and keep buying more and more. I always buy them from small, independent companies or individuals who make their own. My favorite scents are food scents. The only flower scent I like is lilac since it reminds me of my childhood, growing up next door to my grandparents who had rows of lilac bushes between our properties.


I have one of Paula Deans candles. I believe its fresh apple pie. So yummy. I also love bayberry or cherry. I am very fond of citrus smells.
I most often buy vanilla or cinnamon scented candles. I will buy some of the holiday scented candles at Christmas like Christmas cookies, but I typically stick with the first two.


I'm partial to patchouli being an old hippy from way back. We do have a candle with the fragrance stored away somewhere but my wife hates the smell so I rarely get to enjoy the scent. Whenever I smell the perfume on another woman I get a bit nostalgic of earlier times. Here is a link to the oil. http://ask.yahoo.com/19991124.html
I like candles that smell citric-like or fruity. These kinds of smells really do liven my spirits and put me in a good mood.


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My favorite scent would have to be the scent of the forest and evergreen trees. I love the smell of the outdoors and the natural elements - especially after it has rained. I think I would like to have a candle or aromatic in my room that would create the scent of a freshly rained forest. I wonder if that can be done...

Mrs. Rogers

I just thought of another scent that I'm fond of. Bath and Body Works has one that my friend was able to duplicate called Brown Sugar & Fig. I love this scent. I even bought the perfume from Bath and Body Works I liked it so much.​


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Hmmm, I have a wide variety of scents I enjoy. Definitely vanilla is at the top of my list. It has a fresh, clean scent that doesn't overpower. I also love strawberry, apple, and cinnamon. For flowers, I enjoy lavender, lilac, roses, and evergreen.


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I guess I like anything that has a sort-of cool scent like fresh air during the fall or the smell of wind just after it's rained. So things like Juniper Berry - which isn't really easy to find - and something I once found at Target... I forgot what it was called, but it really put me in mind of open water.

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I used to have a jasmine vanilla candle I loved. These days, it's mostly woodsy scents and vanilla. Now that it's December, I'd love an evergreen candle.

I really miss Yankee Candle's Honeydew Melon candle. Can't seem to find them anymore, but those were the best.