Erectile Dysfunction


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At what age does erectile dysfunction usually set in? What are the symptoms and how can it be prevented? What types of food should be taken to prevent it?


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There is no particular age limit as such. However, erectile dysfunction is primarily due to weakening of the nerves around abdominal region. Some physical exercises to strengthen the abdominal muscles can be done. In addition, nuts like almonds, walnuts and pistachios will be helpful in solving erectile dysfunction.


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It can also be a symptom of plaque in the arteries that extend into the *****. If you have an erectile dysfunction, it would pay to go see your doctor. You may have cholesterol plaque in other arteries like those in the heart. Needs to be checked.


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There are rare times when erectile dysfunction are triggered by psychological factors like a traumatic experience. It is better to consult a doctor to determine the cause.


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when i had it it was due to stress and lack of fitness , so getting rid of the things that stress you out helps and exercise will get it up again, i had to do that i had to get rid of the girl i was with she was a wreck and bringing me down emotionally and lack of exercise and unhealthy eating habits also stops it. so i hope this helps at all.

cures are fitness, healthy eating and if your into it weed it's an anti depressant and taking that will also improve your eating habits. herbs are herbs don't knock it till you try it. be safe and stay healthy :D


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I'd have to ask if the person in question is on Anti-Depressant drug therapy.

There is a proven link between AD drug therapies and the onset of E.D., especially with long-term use. Alcohol is also a factor in E.D.: one too many drinks, and the hydraulics of the ***** are affected, resulting in poor response or none at all. The mind is willing, the urge is there, but the physical response isn't.

A candid discussion with the family doctor is in order, I can't disagree.

Trivia fact: ****** is the greatest cost to the Veterans Health Administration in the U.S., accounting for almost 35% of it's annual spending.

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Erectile dysfunction is one of the illnesses in which men fails to hard during bed activity. This issue is the disorder from which millions of men suffered and now youngster also facing to it. There are various reasons due to which men experiences to this problem like diabetec issue, alcohol drinking and many other health issue and also ageing also causes erectile dysfunction.