Dry Skin


The lower humidity of winter always means dry skin. It's not nearly as bad as it was when I lived up north, but it's annoying enough. I put lotion on frequently despite hating the initial feel of lotion.


I agree with you on that one! I hate putting lotion on. I always feel greasy and I like clean and dry hands that don't smudge things like my remote, phone, and keyboard.


I think I have about 4 bottles of lotion and one bottle of baby oil. It seems the older I get, the drier I get. I love the feel and smell of the lotions. I just wish they would last more than a day. My skin seems to slurp them up. :)


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I found a good lotion that I got on a freebie deal from Pinch Me. It is a Suave product and off the top of my head I forget the type, but it is listed for dry skin and is dermatologist tested and approved. It comes in a white bottle with blue lettering on it.


Dry skin has always been my problem during the winter months. The skin on my fingertips gets really dry and cracked and my legs scaly. I moisturize my skin by frequently putting on lotion or cream, but it doesn't totally solve the issue.


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My skin gets very dry and chapped in the winter. I always apply moisturizer often. At night, I often apply aquaphor to my face and the driest areas because it rally helps. I don't recommend applying aquaphor during the day though, as it does look greasy and noticeable on your skin.