Drowned Onions


We love spring onions! I plant some every year out in the back flower bed. This year, I pulled several times when they were mature enough and then the rains came. There was so much rain that it drowned out the ones left. I think if I just leave them there, we'll have a good crop come next spring. Don't you think?


I don't know too much about growing onions, but I am sure if you leave them it will probably give you a good start for next year. I have always wanted to plant onions. Do they come up every year after you plant them or do you have to plant new every year?


I don't know much about plating spring onions either, but I freshfoodie might be right. If I get the chance, I'll ask our senior neighbor who grows spring onions. Just a couple of weeks ago, he gave us a bunch.


I don't know either; this is the first year I have planted green onions. I figured if you can grow them in a cup of water on the windowsill, they were probably pretty easy to grow in a garden. I hope yours do come back for next year!