Don't Forget To Make Plain Candles


Just a reminder. We had a power outage a few years ago and we had to use candles for a week for our light source. Believe me, you do not want to have to have various scents warring in your house when you have to navigate by candlelight at dark. We went to bed soon after it got dark but it was winter and going to bed at 6 p.m. was sort of an impossibility. Lesson learned.


Great tip! I buy plain candles but have never made them. We also have at least 20 flashlights in our house. Don't worry about the batteries because we have a ton of them too. I am a bit over prepared!


This is a good point Aletha. The older I have become, the more those scents bother me. We too have many plain candles and several flashlights so we should be O.K. Thanks for the tip!


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We have a few of these just in case we get an outage, thankfully it has not happened in a few years. We stocked up after the last time though so if you were close I could just mail you a few. :D


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I have thought about this for some time, but I've never gone out and bought any. I don't make candles but I have a feeling it would be easy. I may have to investigate and see what I can do.


This is one reason I buy old candles at yard sales whenever I find them at a bargain price. I look out for the unscented ones and make great big ones for emergency use. We don't care how the colors turn out.


I never really noticed. Actually, a lot of the scented candles smell good, but it doesn't exactly smell any different when I burn them. I will admit that I definitely like the smell of melting and burning wax.