With all the hype these days about dieting, how do you discern which is best for you? If you Google diet, there are hundreds of plans, products and "cures" for obesity. How do you choose?


I go for the old-fashioned method of counting calories and exercising. Counting calories can be quite tedious but it works well for me, even when I approximate it a bit. I've even grown to enjoy exercising so that helps too.


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For me I try to stay away from any of the things that call it quick and easy, nothing that is good for you is usually quick and easy. I also avoid pills, that area is overblown with the "magic pills" that will make anyone drop any amount of weight.


Diet pills scare me a bit, chabella. I've talked to people who take them and they complained of shakiness and a racing heartbeat. No thank you.


For me, I always go for the safest way to lose extra pounds and maintain weight. Eat right and exercise. Most of those diet pills and fads have promises that are too good to be true. Shedding off unwanted pounds takes a lot of work. You can't just rely on a pill to shake off those inches.

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I eat what is nutritious for 6 days of week and give break to nutrition on the seventh day. This helps me keep healthy.


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My partner and I have both experienced a lot of improvement after changing our diets. We were vegan for a while, and the veggie part of it was good, but both of us are doing much better now that we are following a diet that is more paleo or GAPS style.
Getting rid of wheat was a huge part of it. It really isn't a healthy thing anymore, due to a combination of breeding and industrial processing. I think more ancient forms of wheat, sprouted or fermented in a traditional way, would probably be fine for many people, but the modern wheat strains and their processed forms are bad news.

I've always been skinny, sometimes excessively so. In terms of feeling good in my body, this diet has been the best so far. Lots of veggies and some healthy meats.
My partner is bigger in general. She was skinniest when she was raw vegan for a summer, but it wasn't a balanced state. A diet low in carbohydrates and high in healthy fats has helped her to improve some long term health conditions including cracking aching joints, muscle weakness, and sound sensitivities.
My stepdad actually lost like 98 pounds when he went vegan, but found it easier to maintain his big dude muscles. I think this is partly because before that, he pretty much refused to touch vegetables.

I think no matter who you are, more veggies is probably a good thing. I think that beyond that, everyone has individual dietary needs and has their own ideal weight. I think that health goals should be based on overall wellbeing, not just appearance.

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Here is some interesting info, too.

I've also really been getting into fermentation and stuff for the past few years. The traditions exist worldwide for a reason! Fermentation increases nutrition, flavor, and shelf-life. What is not to love? There are a ton of other possible benefits too. Some recent science suggests that the type of intestinal biota you have has a lot to do with disease risk, immunity, and even mental health.
This is a long read, but super informative.
Long story short, eat diverse fermented things and veggiesand reap many benefits.

What do I get out of telling you this stuff? The joy of knowing maybe someone else can find some health they never knew they had, too.

These discoveries have pretty much totally changed my life. I could talk about it all day but I think I've said enough for now.


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I don't count calories. I have always had a high metabolism, so I don't gain weight easily. But I still try to eat healthy meals. I plan healthy meals and incorporate a lot of fruits and vegetables into my diet.