Demographics of practicing acupuncturists


How prevalent are acupuncturists in the United States? How easy is it to find one in various locales? I wonder if there are people who might benefit from going to one but who find them so geographically distant from their homes? Are there more of them that I realize?


I think it depends on where you live. I live in California and there are plenty of acupuncturists here. I have lived both in Southern and Northern California and I haven't had any problems find one.


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I live in Central Indiana west of Indy. There aren't any here that I know of but here might be one or two in Indy.

See if you can't find someone who does acupressure and ask them about using the needles. The base system is the same give or take for certain traditions. Acupuncture is a bit more complicated because you're using points in conjunction though you may just find someone who can but generally chooses not to mention that in their practice for whatever reason....

It may simply be a matter of certification which is a complete load... often places will make you go through allot of redundant stuff just to get more money from you before you can get your certification. Things are so commercialized these days- certification is nice but personally I don't think it should be a requirement as you have to ask "what authority do institutions have to say who can and can't practice?"

This is after-all, originally a spiritual practice. I wouldn't like seek a practitioner through commercial means. You could try various forums and meet-up groups for practitioners?