Brands, does it make a difference?


All Lady
I will be honest there are only a few brands I will buy but that is the way I grew up. Get the brands you know will work and I will even pay more if I know the brand and I am familiar with it. Is this always the case though? How do you know a good from a bad brand when you are in the store?


I'm the same way and I think how you find out is by trying another you think might be good. Sometimes you get lucky and then those other times you know you want to stick with the brand you like and know is good.


I am not sure that the brand name makes a big difference all the time. If I have a question the best place to look is the nutrition label. Most of the time they are exactly the same no matter what brand it is.


Finding a generic substitute you like is really by trial and error. I've found quite a few that I really like and it saves me quite a bit of pocket change.


There are plenty of off brands that are as good as big name brands. You just have to give them a try. There are some things that I prefer name brands. Did you guys know that some generics are the exact same product, made in the same factories, just labeled differently? It's worth taking a little risk and trying some new brands.


I have a few things for which I'll use the store brand, but usually I prefer name brand items. I can tell the difference. Even if they say there is no difference, there's a psychological barrier with me. I can get most name brand items for a great price if I watch the sales and use coupons, so why not buy what I like in the first place?
I know what you mean Lyra. I checked out some vitamins one day for my husband. The popular brand and the generic one and would you believe they were exactly the same. The price difference was almost $5 too!
I almost always read the labels of name brands and their generic "equals." They are almost always the same, but the price difference saves me a lot of money. Taking time to read labels is definitely worth it. I also check out any added ingredients that might make a difference in the quality.