Berry gardens?


How many of you grow your own berries or have some wild varieties on your property? I'm thinking of trying to set up a corner for this, but I haven't decided which type(s) yet. Many are so good for you, not just in the fruit, but in the medicinal properties found in various parts of the plants.


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I've got about 20 blueberry plants. I also turned six rain barrels into strawberry planters and each one holds about 15-20 strawberry plants, although they are not all full right now. They are all in the flower bed in the back yard around the house.


I have 4 blueberry bushes that supply us will all the blueberries we want. This year they were loaded due to all the rain. I think now is the time to plant blueberries. Just be sure they are well mulched for the winter months.


I have blueberry, raspberry and strawberry plants at my house. I am going to be adding more this year when I plant the garden in the spring. They are chock full of health benefits and growing your own is far cheaper than buying them from the store.


I wish I had my own berries growing in my yard. My aunt and cousin have a lot of wild blackberries growing on their properties, though, and I am able to pick and eat to my heart's content when they are in season.