Back cramps


Do you ever get cramps in your lower back during your cycle? I hate to take anything for it unless it is really bad. but I would sure like some relief. Anyone have suggestions or ideas that have worked for you?


I get them frequently during my cycle because I have an IUD and I have back problems anyway. I find that stretching, ice packs and hot baths work the best for me. I don't like to take meds if I don't have to either.


I get them too and I don't have an IUD. Pressure and massage seems to help me the most. Hot baths usually help too. When nothing else works I take Advil.


All Lady
I no longer have a normal cycle due to birth control (Mirena) but I do have random back pains. Most of the time when I have them I am slightly dehydrated. Are you drinking enough or does this only happen during that time of the month?


You know, now that you mention it, I do have some lower back pain at other times, occasionally. I will have to remember your advice that I might need to up my water intake.


I always get them during my cycle. Lower back pain is something that I have to deal with every month. Sometimes, it gets too painful, and it leaves me with no choice but to take a pain reliever. To soothe the discomfort, I apply a heating pad on my abdomen and lower back.

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I have read an article at this blog It states that there are a lot more side effects associated with Mirena and some of them seemed to be dangerous. Thought you might want to know.