A week without meat?


Every few months or so I've been trying to add a week without eating meet and other animal foods. I can tell you that it's great for you body.


How do you know it's great? Do you just feel better? I like to eat meatless meals a couple times a week, but I've never gone a full week without meat before.


To eat meat is not a bad thing. The part that concerns me the most is all the additives in grocery store meat these days. That's the part that's not good for you. I try to buy organic whenever possible.


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Having been vegan for a few years, I can say that going meatless can be a good break for your body. However, for me it was not a healthy choice for my long term health. Fasting from certain foods is a widespread and ancient tradition probably for good reason.

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Well. if you go without eating meat, you have to know how to eat so that you are getting all your required nutrients. I have been a vegetarian for years, and it was trial and error for me at first. At first, I felt tired and exhausted all the time because I wasn't getting what I needed into my body. It helps to do your research and to plan your meals.

But yes, I do agree that not eating meat can often have a positive effect on your body and on the way that you feel.


I could not go a whole week without meat. I can go a couple of days without it but not a week. I don't know why but my body gets all odd. What positive effects do you guys see?


I haven't tried going a full week without meat. I try to cut down on meat, and there have been very few days in which I was able to get through the day without meat. As such, I couldn't really tell or feel its effect on my body though.