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  1. Alli

    All-Time Best Men's Health Tips

    I like the one that says "use the stall closest to the door." They have a point about everyone walking past it. I have found that to be true. I wonder if men will really pay attention to this list.
  2. Alli

    How often do you wash your hair?

    My hair has always been very thick and heavy but never greasy. Due to the drying time, I find to wash it about twice a week works very well for me. I wouldn't like it if I had to wash it every day. It takes forever to dry.
  3. Alli

    Christmas dangerous for cats!

    I downsized my tree several years ago and quit using tinsel for the same reason. There new thing is twist ties that come on loaves of bread. If I happen to drop one on the floor, it's gone in a second. The little one loves to play with it. I try to take it away as quickly as I can. I'm...
  4. Alli

    Strays in the cold

    Try putting a little food out Lyra. If that guy was sitting on your doorstep he wants to come in but is just too scared. Is there a spot on your front porch out of the wind? You could try putting a blanket in a cardboard box and see what happens. You may have a box full of kitty the next time...
  5. Alli

    Pasta with Basil Pesto

    Thanks Lyra. This is on my "to do" list when I get home from work tonight. I find that a little cup of pasta for lunch is very good and just about all I need to get through the rest of the day.
  6. Alli

    Something New

    I try to grow at least one new herb in my garden every year. So far I have done basil, sage, oregano, lemon basil, cinnamon basil and mint. Any suggestions for a new one this year?
  7. Alli

    Pasta with Basil Pesto

    That sounds easy enough Lyra. I do like the pine nuts so I'll add them in. What are your proportions? I'm always afraid that I'll get too much of something. Have you ever tried adding a clove of garlic to your mix?
  8. Alli

    Dry Skin

    I think I have about 4 bottles of lotion and one bottle of baby oil. It seems the older I get, the drier I get. I love the feel and smell of the lotions. I just wish they would last more than a day. My skin seems to slurp them up. :)
  9. Alli

    Spice rack

    I know what you mean PaloVerde. Try going online to find recipes that call for these "not so common" spices. You may just find a couple that you really like.
  10. Alli

    Pasta with Basil Pesto

    I have tons of dried basil from my garden last summer. One of my goals for the New Year is to use some of this in a pesto for pasta. Does anyone have a good recipe?
  11. Alli

    Acupuncture for pets?

    I have a friend who owns horses and swears by this sort of thing. He has a chiropractor and an acupuncturist for a couple of his horses with issues. I'd like to go stand in line for that.
  12. Alli

    A week without meat?

    To eat meat is not a bad thing. The part that concerns me the most is all the additives in grocery store meat these days. That's the part that's not good for you. I try to buy organic whenever possible.
  13. Alli

    Cilantro for Mercury Detox

    This is good to know Myrrh. When I make Pico de Gallo, I put so much fresh cilantro in it that the aroma fills the house. We love cilantro in guacamole too. This is good to know!
  14. Alli

    Roasted Brown Rice Green Tea

    I've never heard of this tea before. What does it taste like? I love green tea and drink it often. Do you know where your sister-in-law got this? I'd be interested.
  15. Alli

    Who's cooking today?

    I've feel like I've been in kitchen since Thanksgiving. Today being the day after Christmas, I'm not even going in the kitchen except to get something to eat. This girl is tired.
  16. Alli

    Yoga has helped me tremendously.

    Yes! Yoga and Pilates have helped me tremendously. Due to life circumstances, I haven't been to my Pilates class in many weeks now and I can really tell a difference. After Christmas, it's full time again just so I can have a better attitude towards life. :)
  17. Alli

    Sharing a doctor

    Men are just funny that way. I'm glad my husband goes to the doctor. He didn't for many years and then had some health issues that forced him to go. He found one he likes so that's all that counts.
  18. Alli

    Have you ever tried going on a raw diet?

    The raw diet is supposed to be the best there is for a human body. Hallelujah Acres has a plan that incorporates all things raw. Their recipes are even raw. They claim that everything cooked is just filler. Check out their link. It's very interesting.
  19. Alli

    Winter Solstice

    Tomorrow is winter solstice; the shortest day of the year. I'm always excited to see this come because it means the days will begin to get longer and planting time isn't far away. Anyone else feel like this or is it just me?
  20. Alli

    Bad Teeth

    Thanks chabella. I'll take your advice and do a little research for dentists in our area. I totally think some of his health challenges are because of his teeth. It'll be interesting to find out.