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  1. Alli

    Something New

    I try to grow at least one new herb in my garden every year. So far I have done basil, sage, oregano, lemon basil, cinnamon basil and mint. Any suggestions for a new one this year?
  2. Alli

    Pasta with Basil Pesto

    I have tons of dried basil from my garden last summer. One of my goals for the New Year is to use some of this in a pesto for pasta. Does anyone have a good recipe?
  3. Alli

    Winter Solstice

    Tomorrow is winter solstice; the shortest day of the year. I'm always excited to see this come because it means the days will begin to get longer and planting time isn't far away. Anyone else feel like this or is it just me?
  4. Alli

    Bad Teeth

    My hubby has terribly bad teeth but he won't go to the dentist. We've been a little short lately so that's his excuse. I keep telling him that some of his other health issues may be coming from his teeth but that doesn't help. I guess he'll go when it gets so bad he'll have to. Right?
  5. Alli

    Hot Tea with Lemon

    I came down with a horrible cold this week. So far the only thing that has helped the cough is herbal red tea with honey and lemon. As least the cold will be gone before Christmas. :)
  6. Alli

    How much coffee?

    How much coffee is too much? I used to drink a whole pot before noon and have a couple more cups in the afternoon. I have managed to limit myself to 3 cups in the morning now and every now and then have an afternoon cup. How much do you drink?
  7. Alli

    Dieter's Tea

    Have you ever tried dieter's tea? I bought some at my local health food store and found that it works much like a cleanser. If you feel sluggish, I would recommend you try this. Just plan on being close to the bathroom the next day, if you know what I mean.
  8. Alli

    Last Harvest

    It's supposed to frost here tonight and tomorrow night so I harvested the last bit of my cinnamon basil yesterday afternoon. The regular basil was already gone and the sage and oregano stay green all the time. My kitchen smells wonderful. When do you plan your last harvest this year?
  9. Alli


    With all the hype these days about dieting, how do you discern which is best for you? If you Google diet, there are hundreds of plans, products and "cures" for obesity. How do you choose?
  10. Alli

    Eating Grass

    We have a new kitten that we keep indoors because she was a rescue kitty and we wanted her to know where home was before we start letting her out. Just this week she has been outside a couple of times and has had a ball. The first and last thing she does every time is eat grass. Does anyone...
  11. Alli

    How Do I Use this Basil?

    Now that I have two huge cinnamon basil plants, how do I use it? I don't have any recipes for this herb but it smells wonderful. It's not quite as strong as regular basil and I really want to find something to do with it. Any suggestions?
  12. Alli

    Basil Pesto

    Before the growing season ends, does anyone have a good recipe for fresh basil pesto? I would love to be able to sit down to a serving of pasta with basil pesto straight from my garden.
  13. Alli


    Have any of you heard of DGL (Deglycyrrhizinated licorice)? A doctor friend of mine recommended this to help heal my ulcer. It's a chewable table that comes in German Chocolate flavor. I feel like I'm cheating on my diet because it tastes like a piece of candy and it seems to be helping. :)
  14. Alli

    Mold and Mildew

    I spent one whole day wiping mold and mildew off some furniture that has been stored for a long time. The next day I had the worst headache you can imagine. I'm sure it was from breathing all that mold. What could I have done to prevent this?
  15. Alli

    Deep Breathing

    Deep breathing is a big help when you get upset. I find that if I just close my eyes, take at least 5 deep breaths and release slowly, I can usually calm down enough to carry on. Anyone else do this?
  16. Alli

    Eating Meat

    Does eating meat affect the way you feel? I have noticed lately that the more meat in my diet, the worse my joints feel the next day. This is especially true of pork. Poultry and fish affect me the least but the pork has got to go. Is it just me or do you notice this difference as well?
  17. Alli

    Family for Easter

    The kids just left after a wonderful Easter Sunday afternoon. We ate, did Easter baskets and watched a little basketball. Now it's time to kick back and relax. What did you do on the beautiful Easter Sunday?
  18. Alli

    Basil, blueberry, goat cheese pie

    This sounds wierd doesn't it? I watched Diners, Drive Ins and Dives last night with Guy Getty and at one of his stops, this was the dessert of choice. He was skeptical but after he tasted it, he said it was really good. I do hope they will post the recipe on the food network. Did you see...
  19. Alli

    Using Herbs in Recipes

    I absolutely love the smell of basil but have never found a good way to use it in cooking. I came across a great recipe on the internet that sounds wonderful. It combines shrimp and fresh basil, which are my two most favorite things in the whole world. Do you have a favorite herb recipe?
  20. Alli

    Herbs Gone Wrong!

    Three weeks ago, I started some herbs in pots and set them in a sunny window. I was so excited when they started coming up. I watered them and checked them every day. On Monday of this week, I checked and they had all fallen over and are now dead. I really don't know what happened. Maybe my...