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  1. Greenwoman

    Peel or wash?

    I would normally just wash my fruit instead of peeling them. On the other hand, there's nothing really wrong with peeling them if you are too uncertain of them.
  2. Greenwoman

    Top 5 Herbs To Help Fight Influenza

    I know that eucalyptus tends to smell pretty strong, but what does it taste like? I would have imagined that it tasted kind of bitter, but not quite like a mint.
  3. Greenwoman

    Top 5 Herbs To Help Fight Influenza

    That is an interesting article. Thank you for sharing it. Personally, I always make sure that echinacea is in my medicine cabinets well before flu or cold season starts. I find that it helps in warding off any health ailments in advanced.
  4. Greenwoman

    iron combo's

    I was told that hot cereal was high in iron. Specifically, my father always recommended eating Malt-o-Meal for times when we suspected iron to be low. I always add a little sweetener to it to taste.
  5. Greenwoman

    Low Melatonin Levels Linked to Diabetes

    It's actually kind of strange. If I recall, isn't melanin the pigment found in skin? If so, why are there so many of African descent who have diabetes?
  6. Greenwoman


    I've been growing a sage plant for a couple of months now. I'm actually pretty happy by the rate at which it has grown over the summer. I'm kind of wondering when would be best to pick some of the leaves, or if it matters at all. Does anyone have any suggestions?
  7. Greenwoman

    Natural blackhead scrubs

    All you need, really, is just hot or warm water to get it off. You can use soap if you like, but I would recommend using something that is gentle, like baby wash.
  8. Greenwoman

    Eating healthy on a budget

    It has been centuries since I've been on an active coupon hunt. Where would I start in finding coupons? Also, I assume that prices are more reasonable at the Farmer's Market?
  9. Greenwoman

    Eating healthy on a budget

    I need to find out where the farmer's market is around where I live. I think I may end up freezing meals, as you said, or somehow canning. Also, thank you for explaining to me what "whole foods" means. Actually, I believe that there is a store called "Whole Foods." I may visit that sometime...
  10. Greenwoman

    Eating healthy on a budget

    I totally forgot all about how certain foods are available on during certain seasons. Where do you usually got o shop to get your whole foods, StarGazer? Also, do you tend to buy in bulk or as you need?
  11. Greenwoman

    Eating healthy on a budget

    I am planning on moving into my own apartment, and I'm pretty sure gardening is out of the question. I will let you know what I end up with. So far I have been more wary about portion sizes.
  12. Greenwoman

    Eating healthy on a budget

    One of the biggest complaints about "eating healthy" is that it is expensive. Would you agree? My intentions are to somehow defy that belief and excuse and have wholesome and healthy fruits in vegetables in my home.
  13. Greenwoman

    How do you Meditate?

    I've come to a sort of impasse with regards to meditation. A lot of people have recommended Vipassana meditation, but I'm not sure that only focusing on breathing will help. Has anyone ever tried it?
  14. Greenwoman

    Are most herbs perennials?

    I am not entirely sure between a perennial and an annual, but I know that carrot plants bloom and grow every year, coming into full maturity during the second year. Doesn't that make that an annual?
  15. Greenwoman

    Can a House Make You Sick?

    Keep an eye on the fever symptom. If I understand correctly, a fever could be an indication of the body fighting off infection. Maybe that can help as a clue as to what's causing the sickness.
  16. Greenwoman

    List of Herbal Folk Names

    I actually find the folk names of the herbs to be very interesting. I can't help but wonder where they got all of these figurative names from, but at the same time, I understand that these names also act as a way to hide information.
  17. Greenwoman

    Where is the year going?

    The way time flies is kind of scary. It feels as though things are passing my way too fast. I'm afraid I may get old too soon.
  18. Greenwoman

    Can a House Make You Sick?

    It could be something in the house. How long ago did you move into your current home? One option could be that your bodies are simply adjusting to the change of environment, and the change could result in a lower immunity. On the other hand, if you are getting a cold every month, it could just...
  19. Greenwoman

    Coffee and Tea for a Healthy Liver

    But wait, I am pretty sure that coffee and tea are not made of the same things. Could it be perhaps that just coffee is good for the liver? Could it be the acid in both that are good for you?
  20. Greenwoman


    MissEm, I'm not saying that Cloud Atlas qualifies as one; I am wishing that there was a movie that was maybe centered around pharmaceutical companies and naturopathy or herbalism. Cloud Atlas does kind of sort of have a slight science fiction element to it. It is essentially about past lives...