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  1. SuzyQ

    Little is better

    Have you seen the latest exercise recommendation? Apparently if you do just 3 minutes of intense exercise every day, or 10 minutes three times a week, it uses up more calories and strengthens more muscles than conventional methods. That sounds like my kind of exercise regime!;)
  2. SuzyQ

    Pet Insurance

    Is pet insurance worth it? Sometimes I think not. My daughter's cat was so ill I think he would have died anyway, but the vet kept him alive and operated because the insurance was paying for it. The cat still died during the operation.
  3. SuzyQ

    Men doing cross stitch

    Surprisingly, my husband has discovered that he likes doing cross stitch, and he is quite good at it too! He decided to buy a couple of kits and he's done a couple of butterflies for our little granddaughters. It surprised me that he felt able to sit and do it, but he loves it.
  4. SuzyQ

    At last, CoQ10 recommended with Statins!

    I have been telling my local doctor for years that she should be prescribing Co enzyme Q10 when she prescribes Statins, without success, but yesterday I read an article in the newspaper about the latest study into this, and they agree that Statins destroy the natural CoQ10 created by the body...
  5. SuzyQ

    Can cataracts return?

    I had cataracts removed from both of my eyes a couple of years ago and, recently, feel as though my eyesight is becoming blurred again. I just wondered if cataracts could come back?
  6. SuzyQ

    Laser eye treatment

    Has anyone ever had this done? It's expensive, so I need to know if it works. I especially need to know if there are any dangers or contraindications before I consider it too.
  7. SuzyQ

    His hobby keeps him sane!

    My husband used to be very stressed all the time until he took up airplane modelling. Now, he spends time in his little workshop next to the bedroom, and is very chilled out and relaxed. It's great mental therapy!
  8. SuzyQ

    Chinese medicine for weight loss.

    What do you think about using Chinese medicine for weight loss? I was a little alarmed when my daughter showed me some pills that she had bought from a Chinese medicine shop. From reading news reports, the Chinese use some questionable ingredients in their medicines, and it was impossible to...
  9. SuzyQ

    Snow and ice all over the UK!

    They are saying on the news that this Winter is as bad as 2010. So far, tens of thousands have lost power, and thousands of schools have closed. Airplanes and trains have been affected, and people are being told not to drive unless absolutely necessary. How come we are so badly prepared when...
  10. SuzyQ

    Dry patches on scalp.

    I've tried chamomile shampoo, anti dandruff shampoo, olive oil, vinegar and coal tar shampoo but I still have a few dry, scaly patches on my scalp that nothing seems to shift. If I scratch the dry bits off they look red and raw. Anything else I can use?
  11. SuzyQ

    Fear of the dentist

    I have a dental check up due tomorrow and although my dentist has never hurt me, I have an irrational fear of going and have put off making this appointment for a few months now. Isn't it funny?
  12. SuzyQ

    Lightening hair

    Is lemon really good for lightening your hair? I've seen people putting lemon juice on their hair and then sunbathing. Will it only work with the sun?
  13. SuzyQ

    Turmeric can prevent strokes

    It's always nice to see studies that show the health benefits of herbs and spices so I was pleased to read this story in my newspaper today. I love curries!
  14. SuzyQ

    Painful eye

    I had a cataract removed from my left eye in November and I have been wearing my new spectacles for a couple of months now but the eye feels uncomfortable and today even painful. It's also watering more than usual. Should I be concerned or am I just being silly?
  15. SuzyQ

    Why do they do it?

    I watched a health programme on TV last night where people who were too embarrassed about their ailments talked about them and even showed them to TV doctors and, of course, the viewers. Some were in very intimate places. Why do people do this?
  16. SuzyQ

    Straightening your spine

    I read some advice on how to keep your spine straight and it was to stand on one foot whilst you clean your teeth every morning. You can alternate which foot and if you brush for two minutes, do a minute on each. It's supposed to work if you do it regularly.
  17. SuzyQ

    Biting my lips

    Since my lips dried out a couple of years ago when I was in Alaska, I have used Chapstick every day and you'd think they would have improved but they are still so dry that I can't help biting them and the skin just inside my bottom lip is ragged. Any help would be appreciated.
  18. SuzyQ

    Why does it spit?

    I am puzzled. Why does everything I fry on the hob spit? I use olive oil and the heat isn't too high yet everything I cook splatters grease all over my stove. I fried an egg today on a really low hear and even my shirt got splattered with grease!
  19. SuzyQ

    Milkwood cures skin cancer

    I've just read a fascinating article here about how the sap of a common plant, treated by most gardeners as a weed, has been found to be useful in removing non malignant skin cancers. The old cures are the best ones!
  20. SuzyQ


    Isn't it amazing what you can become addicted to? I lost my internet connection for three days recently and I felt miserable, lost my appetite and slept badly. Since it has returned my mood is one of euphoria. Should I be worried?