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  1. Lyra

    Strays in the cold

    There seem to be quite a few stray cats in my neighborhood. We are having record cold temperatures. This afternoon, one of those cats was sitting on my front porch, crying. When I opened the door, he ran off. I wish I knew what I could do to help these animals. I have been racking my brain to...
  2. Lyra

    Chemicals on real Christmas trees?

    I heard someone talking the other day about how Christmas tree farms use many chemicals on real trees. I have never heard this, and I am hesitant to know if it is true. I love real trees and don't want to have to give them up! Anyone know if it is true?
  3. Lyra

    Who's cooking today?

    Is everyone in the kitchen today? I don't have a lot to do, but I do still have a pie to make and to get everything ready for tomorrow's breakfast.
  4. Lyra

    Peppermint oil

    I am having some sinus issues. A friend mentioned to me to put a tiny dab of peppermint essential oil on the back of my neck. I did, and it is working. It isn't too strong, because it is behind my head. But I can smell it enough to help clear my nose.
  5. Lyra

    Protein powders contaminated?

    This is disturbing information. Consumer Reports discovered that most protein powders have unacceptable levels of heavy metals. I don't understand how they can sell a product that has these contaminants.
  6. Lyra

    Homemade Chapstick

    My mother, whom you all may remember for making me lotion bars for pain, stopped by for a visit recently. She always seems to have little gifts for me, even if she wasn't planning to come by to see me. (Gotta love moms!) This time one of her presents was homemade lip balm, complete with the...
  7. Lyra

    Kids: Sick? or drama?

    I hate when you can't tell if your kid is truly sick or if they are just overtired or oversensitive. Not that my kids do much malingering. But sometimes the dramatics make it hard to tell if something is a plain old tummy ache or something that needs more attention.
  8. Lyra

    Agh, the fighting!

    Has anyone else ever noticed that the kids get insane in the days leading up to a holiday? I expect it for Christmas, but I never remember until it is too late on other holidays. And, of course, the day before is when you are doing all your last minute prep! Anyone want to come over and take...
  9. Lyra

    Tight jaw

    I have been having recurrent headaches lately. I think I am clinching my jaw during the day, and by the end of the day, it has given me a headache. Usually by the time I notice I'm tensing my jaw, I can't get it to stop. I keep trying to blow my lips or tell myself to loosen up my mouth, but...
  10. Lyra

    Grains and inflammation

    I have been hearing the idea lately that eating grains leads to inflammation throughout the body. This is a hard concept for me to wrap my mind around. Haven't people always eaten grains? How is it possible for a whole food group to be bad for you?
  11. Lyra

    Essential oil brands

    Is there really a big difference in quality among essential oil brands? I read an article recently that claimed that brands like doTerra have overblown claims about their quality. I know a few people who swear some are better, though.
  12. Lyra

    Fell in the shower

    I slipped on some conditioner in the shower. I got rather banged up! Thankfully I didn't break anything. But I do have several bruises and I'm as sore as I can be. I grabbed hold of the towel bar on my way down, but crashed against the tile ledge.
  13. Lyra

    In-grown nail

    My brother-in-law has an in-grown toenail. My sister was asking me if I had any suggestions to help. I've never had one, though it's been close at times. The only thing I knew to suggest was an epsom salt soak. But I am not even sure what that will do for him. Any other suggestions?
  14. Lyra


    I have a friend who has Lupus. It breaks my heart to know how she struggles. Does anyone know if there are any herbs or alternative therapies that can help with the symptoms?
  15. Lyra

    I got an aloe plant!

    I have wanted one for so long, but I never seem to see them in the store. My kids made me promise, after the last time I burned my hand in the kitchen, that if we ever saw one for sale, I would buy it. We got it just a few weeks ago and we have already used it four times. That stuff really works!
  16. Lyra

    Kidney support

    What are some of the herbs you all find helpful for kidney support? I am detoxing from some serious mold exposure and my kidneys are struggling. I've been dealing with a good bit of pain. It does not seem to be stones or an infection, just inflammation.
  17. Lyra

    Kidney stones

    My neighbor's daughter came over tonight asking to borrow something for making cookies. She said her dad was sick and she was baking for him. When I inquired about his illness, she said he had a kidney stone. Boy, have I been there. I know how much that hurts! I happened to have some remedies...
  18. Lyra

    Herbal cough drops

    Has anyone here ever made their own herbal cough drops? I'd love to have a good recipe to try. Most of the ones I see look like they probably taste horrific. I have a friend who makes her own lemon drops, which I think would be awesome, but I'd love to add some medicinal herbs, while keeping an...
  19. Lyra

    Sore throat

    I have had an off and on sore throat for the past week. It goes away for a few days then comes back. I can't figure out if it is sinus related or some sort of low-level virus I'm just working on kicking. The days I have it, I feel so blah and lacking in energy.
  20. Lyra

    Herbs that have bolted

    Do you have to stop harvesting herbs after they have bolted? Does it change the flavor? This may seem like a dumb question, but is there a way to keep them from flowering? I think I read somewhere that you should harvest before an herb starts flowering, but it seems like that would be a pretty...