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  1. PaloVerde

    Health question in general

    My aunt had some of her large intestine removed due to illness and now she has to take vitamin B injections. So many nutrients are absorbed through the intestines that we need them. Plus, our diets have evolved from the caveman days but our bodies haven't changed much.
  2. PaloVerde

    In-grown nail

    I had a friend that let his go for too long. I am not sure how he was able to ignore it because it looked extremely painful. He showed it to me and I just about cried looking at it! His toe was turning purple and it was obviously infected. He finally went to the doctor and they removed his...
  3. PaloVerde

    Garlic makes me nauseated

    No, not really. Just garlic powder. There are a few kinds of fish that I avoid that make me feel a little queasy after I eat them but I chalk that up to the oils involved.
  4. PaloVerde

    Christmas dangerous for cats!

    You're absolutely right. Tinsel and garland are especially hazardous to cats and dogs. I'd also watch out for a lot of centerpieces and plants for the home this time of year. Poinsettia is poisonous if eaten. Candles are also used a lot for holidays and they can be very dangerous if knocked over.
  5. PaloVerde

    Pain Management Guide

    #axzz2OHpMWJuR']This Pain Management Guide - STOMP Booklet (STructure your Own Management of Pain) was sent to me by a friend and it contains a wealth of information. You can choose to download it or read it online. It's free. It's from the Swedish Medical Center in Seattle, Washington.
  6. PaloVerde

    Garlic makes me nauseated

    That's what I have been thinking too. It might be an allergy, or at the very least, some sort of intolerance. It seems that it mainly happens with garlic powder.
  7. PaloVerde

    Garlic makes me nauseated

    It sort of crept up on me slowly. First I would get horrible heartburn from it and then it started to become a really nauseated feeling. Now, even when I think about it, it makes me feel queasy, which is odd because I have always like it before!
  8. PaloVerde

    Spice rack

    I can't even think of anything I would use black licorice for as a seasoning unless it was maybe cookies or cake. You're right, Aconite, it's one of those flavors that people either really like, or they completely hate it. Personally, I don't mind the flavor of black licorice once in awhile...
  9. PaloVerde

    Spice rack

    Another problem is that none of the other spice bottles ever fit into the rack if you want to replace them. I may end up dumping out the contents of some of these bottles and soaking the labels off and refilling them with something else. There is just no telling how long some of these spices...
  10. PaloVerde

    Spice rack

    I received a spice rack as a present. Most of the things are ingredients I will definitely use such as basil, thyme, oregano, celery salt and so forth, but why do they always fill space with stuff people rarely use? Fenugreek, mustard seed, coriander seed, fennel seed; I don't think I've ever...
  11. PaloVerde

    Sharing a doctor

    He's probably just uncomfortable with one person (the doctor) knowing so many details about him that go beyond just his own health. I guess it makes sense that he wants to be seen as an individual and not have the doctor think of you and the kids when treating him.
  12. PaloVerde

    Do you do anything to try to relieve stress?

    Laughter is also a fantastic stress reliever. Sometimes all it takes is a little bit of silliness to make problems seem smaller. Also, sex is another stress reliever. ;)
  13. PaloVerde

    Do you do anything to try to relieve stress?

    The first thing I do when I start feeling a build-up of stress is to pour myself an icy glass of water, drink it down, and feel the cold inside. It helps me refocus. Then, if I am at home, I take ten minutes to lay down with my eyes closed and try to think of something besides the thing that is...
  14. PaloVerde

    White Fir Essential Oil

    I've never tried this one. If it is anything like a pine scent, I would probably like it as long as it isn't too strong.
  15. PaloVerde

    Bubble baths and yeast infections

    Yes, it can make you more prone to getting yeast infections. Some bubble baths may be too harsh for sensitive skin. They will dry out your skin and make you more vulnerable. Maybe try a different brand that is gentle and moisturizing.
  16. PaloVerde

    Garlic makes me nauseated

    I like garlic but when I eat it these days I get really queasy. I can eat small amounts, like a slice of garlic bread or a little cooked in food, but if there is too much, I get ill. I wonder if I may have some sort of allergy to it. It gets worse every time I eat something with too much garlic.
  17. PaloVerde

    Have you ever tried going on a raw diet?

    I don't think I could handle it at all. I had my gallbladder out several years ago and since that time I have problems digesting some raw foods. I do better with things that have at least been lightly steamed.
  18. PaloVerde

    I need energy

    I do have an autoimmune illness that makes me very allergic to bright light so I almost always have a D deficiency. I may try switching to a different brand of supplements for that. As for the grains, I know many people that have went on gluten free diets and haven't looked back. They say they...
  19. PaloVerde

    Pain Radiating Down Back of the Thigh

    You're welcome. I hope it helps and that you feel better. That kind of nerve pain can very literally be a pain in the hind end. You should have no trouble at all finding all kinds of information about sciatica online. Good luck!
  20. PaloVerde

    I need energy

    Can anyone recommend some kind of supplement or herb that helps to increase energy levels? It needs to be something that also doesn't effect the blood pressure and is easy on the stomach.