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  1. Lyra

    How often do you wash your hair?

    I, too, wash my hair every day. I have heard from many websites that if you stop washing long enough, your hair will stop needing to be washed every day, usually after up to 2 weeks. However, I have to stop appearing in public by day three. I think some people just tend toward greasier hair. On...
  2. Lyra

    Flat stomach

    I think you can make significant improvements to the strength of your stomach muscles with a pretty small time investment. If you are targeting one area, even 15 minutes a day, done consistently, will show a difference before long.
  3. Lyra

    Health question in general

    You can be okay with some things removed. But all that says is that your amazing body is perhaps compensating for the missing parts. But it is quite likely that there are silent consequences we simply don't know to attribute to those parts having been removed. We need that much intestine to...
  4. Lyra

    In-grown nail

    My brother-in-law got his toenail taken care of. But now I'm curious. How do you know when it is bad enough to take it to the doctor? How common is this problem?
  5. Lyra

    Honey for Coughs

    I put mine in tea, also. I make my kids eat a spoonful of it, but I can't quite manage a spoonful, straight up, for myself. I like honey, but not enough for that much all at once.
  6. Lyra

    Strays in the cold

    There seem to be quite a few stray cats in my neighborhood. We are having record cold temperatures. This afternoon, one of those cats was sitting on my front porch, crying. When I opened the door, he ran off. I wish I knew what I could do to help these animals. I have been racking my brain to...
  7. Lyra

    10 Reasons Why You Should Eat More Butter!

    Love this list! I grew up on the fake stuff but once I started buying butter, I never looked back. We grew up in a time when everyone was told to stop using butter on vegetables to lower fat. I still struggle with putting butter on veggies for my kids...and myself! They often taste so much...
  8. Lyra

    Pasta with Basil Pesto

    I wish I could be more specific about my recipe. I go by look and taste. Don't be afraid to add the olive oil in. I tend to want to skimp on it, but it is better when you add plenty. I definitely add minced garlic sometimes. I think it adds depth of flavor.
  9. Lyra

    Chemicals on real Christmas trees?

    I heard someone talking the other day about how Christmas tree farms use many chemicals on real trees. I have never heard this, and I am hesitant to know if it is true. I love real trees and don't want to have to give them up! Anyone know if it is true?
  10. Lyra

    Spice rack

    I've always thought that, too. Though I do use more spices and herbs than I used to, I would have no idea of what to do with fenugreek, unless I was trying to help someone increase their milk supply. That is the only think I know fenugreek is good for.
  11. Lyra

    Cilantro for Mercury Detox

    Wow! That is so interesting. I, too, love cilantro. All the more reason to use plenty of it. I wish I had more luck growing it.
  12. Lyra

    Pasta with Basil Pesto

    I don't really use a recipe, per se. I mix in plenty of olive oil and Parmesan, along with some salt, all to taste. I don't care for pine nuts, so I leave them out.
  13. Lyra

    Vitamins and supplements for boosting mood

    All the things you've mentioned are what I know to use for moods. Part of it depends on where your mood troubles are stemming from, too, I think. I did read a new one yesterday. I read that zinc can improve mood. Wait...or maybe it was iodine. I guess I need to go back and look again.
  14. Lyra

    Public Isn't Buying Lamestream Media's Contrived Attack On MultiVitamins

    That has been going on for a long time. But, so far, enough people are smart enough to understand the truth, that it hasn't changed things much. Every few years someone tries to introduce legislation on behalf of the pharma companies that would seriously curtail our freedoms to buy herbs and...
  15. Lyra

    Sharing a doctor

    Maybe he is afraid that the doctor you use will gang up with you on him. Maybe he just doesn't like that doctor. I think it is odd, but not that big a deal.
  16. Lyra

    Who's cooking today?

    Is everyone in the kitchen today? I don't have a lot to do, but I do still have a pie to make and to get everything ready for tomorrow's breakfast.
  17. Lyra

    Losing hair!

    Definitely look into B6 deficiency. That can cause hair loss. I take B6 regularly, due to a deficiency caused by my asthma medicine. When I stop taking it, I start losing hair.
  18. Lyra

    Pain Radiating Down Back of the Thigh

    Does your back hurt too? It could be sciatica, but you should also consider that the pain could be coming from your kidney. That can hurt from your back down your leg. I hope you feel better soon!
  19. Lyra

    Too much Vitamin B

    The caution against B6 is not to take too much synthetic B6 per day. You can't have too much, absorbed from food sources. Upper limits of vitamins are for synthetic vitamins. Hope you are feeling better by now, lolli.
  20. Lyra


    I want to share something I am doing this Christmas. There is a family that lives in my neighborhood. They seem to be constantly in turmoil. Their house is very modest and it seems clear they rarely have enough. Many times I have worried about the three children that live there, when I see the...