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    Brands, does it make a difference?

    I have a few things for which I'll use the store brand, but usually I prefer name brand items. I can tell the difference. Even if they say there is no difference, there's a psychological barrier with me. I can get most name brand items for a great price if I watch the sales and use coupons, so...
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    washing machine madness

    I would throw in some old towels with good smelling detergent as the first load I washed after running the vinegar-baking soda water through. That should help absorb any leftover smells.
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    Unhealthy cleaning products

    It's the Scrubbing Bubbles I most hate to give up. I love that stuff and the way it cleans the bathroom. There's something about the fizz and easy wipe-off that I've grown used to over the years. I even like the smell.
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    Oregon mall

    I often wonder if more of these shootings happen because communication is so widespread these days. Did things like this happen back in the days when it took forever to get the news out? We live in lightening fast times, and copycat crimes occur all too often.
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    Wind burn

    I love the feeling of Oil of Olay when my skin is extra dry. My mother loved it, plus I love the smell. It's feminine, it's pink and it feels so good going on.
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    My aunt eats cinnamon on her oatmeal because it's supposed to help her with her cholesterol numbers. It makes sense that natural spices have positive effects upon us humans.
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    Raisins and blood pressure

    According to the American College of Cardiology, eating a handful of raisins each day can help lower blood pressure in adults. This is good news for those with hypertension. Raisins are also rich in potassium and a good source of antioxidant dietary fiber.
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    Unhealthy cleaning products

    I was just reading through the list of cleaning products in the EWG Hall of Shame. I use a number of cleaning products on the list. It's time to check those labels and see if I can find a substitute for some of them.
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    Chia seeds

    We're heading to the health foods store this morning because we've run out of chia seeds. We started putting them in the morning smoothies at the recommendation of our dentist of all people. He was at the house for dinner last year. That one bag has lasted all year. We don't want to get out of...
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    Bees Wax Candles

    There's something about natural beeswax that just feels right. Maybe it's the nostalgia, for those things were so much of the past. Maybe it's the health benefits. You can just feel whatever it is when you hold it in your hand.
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    Sick and stubborn

    I'm guilty of putting off the doctor, too. My issue is that I'm so busy taking care of everyone else that I don't always look after myself. Thank goodness I'm on a good healthy diet and take enough supplements to keep most of the bugs at bay.
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    I need to wrap!

    I'm about where you are, freshfoodie. We're going shopping today to get the last of the gifts. I've got to get some of them wrapped before Friday because some of the people will be at the house, and I'm afraid they'll see their presents. There's lots to do.
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    A lot of people must be buying into they hype then. I see CoQ10 everywhere I go now that I've started looking for it. That stuff is expensive, so I haven't started taking it. I am going to ask my doctor in January.
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    Skechers Shape-ups False Claims

    I have two pairs of Skechers and false claims or not, I love them. Companies do go overboard in their advertising, but most seem to make more money than they lose, even with the lawsuits.
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    Hubby really grumpy

    Oh, I know what it is. It's called retirement. He's been cooped up in the house too long and stuck with me most of the day. I have lots of projects to keep me busy. He hasn't found his retirement calling yet. I hope this will be the year.
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    Argh, hat too big

    It irks me so much when I have to pull out what I've done and start over. I'm so sorry, freshfoodie. This time of year, it takes all your time and patience to do projects like this. Good luck on finishing!
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    Using my timer to force the exercise

    I use a timer all the time and it really helps me get in a little exercise. It also helps me get things done around the house when I set it off. I feel I can do anything in 15 minutes, so I'll set it for 15 minutes and schedule a chore I don't want to do in that time.
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    Green tea vs. black tea

    I think it's that the health benefits of green tea simply outweigh outweigh those of black tea. I also remember when black tea was so cheap to purchase. Green tea was more expensive. Black teas are catching up unless you hit a sale.
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    Making Laundry Powder

    The price of laundry detergent has gone up so much in the past few years. I'm not happy with the cheap brands. Is the home made better than those cheap brands? I'm rather attached to my name brands. I can tell the difference.
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    Warm Milk Really Works

    I didn't know milk had the tryptophan factor in it like turkey does. I can really get into an afternoon nap after lunch on Thanksgiving. I'll know to try milk next time when I'm having difficulty sleeping.