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  1. Luvkenny

    Bokwa Fitness

    I have never heard of it either. I am a crazed fan of Zumba. I am going to ask my instructor tomorrow if she has heard of it. She takes training classes in all kinds of exercise.
  2. Luvkenny

    Getting outside

    I love being outside. I have been outside every night this past week. I love fall weather. It is cool and inviting. I love the sunny days too. This past week we didn't see much sun. The fresh air still lightened my mood.
  3. Luvkenny


    I will never get it done! I don't mind wearing glasses. There is no way that I am taking a chance with my eyesight. I would rather wear glasses forever than chance going blind from an unnecessary surgery.
  4. Luvkenny

    Hernia in cat

    Just noticed it earlier this week. I remember a cat we had when I was growing up. She had one too. Vet said it was fine. I will call our vet on Monday. Hopefully he will say it's normal.
  5. Luvkenny

    Digging everything!

    My indoor cat has recently started to dig random things. He dug the woodwork in the bathroom last night. I am beyond grumpy with him. Last week he dug the wallpaper in the family room. Why do you think he is doing this? He is just shy of three years old.
  6. Luvkenny

    Hugging and Your Health

    I grew up in a house that didn't really hug. I hug everyone now! I hug my kids several times every day. My mom hugs me and them every time she sees us. Hugging just makes me feel better.
  7. Luvkenny

    Cultivating Patience

    I find that I have less patience as I age. I try deep breathing and counting to ten. A lot of times that works but sometimes it doesn't. I would love to learn more about mindfulness.
  8. Luvkenny

    Hernia in cat

    I am pretty sure my cat has a hernia. Is this something that has to be fixed? It doesn't look like it is bothering her at all. Just kind of extra skin that is hanging down.
  9. Luvkenny

    Too Much!

    I am the same way. I cannot even go into Yankee Candle unless I take an allergy pill before I go in. It seems to be getting worse every year too.
  10. Luvkenny

    Basil Pesto

    Yum! This looks really good! I never thought about combining the two either. My mom has a lot of basil she keeps trying to give me. Now I know what I will do with some of it. I think I will put it over pasta.
  11. Luvkenny

    Gargle with what??

    I am going to try this tonight. I am much worse now. It seems to have turned into a full fledge sickness. I bought Alka Seltzer Plus Cold today on lunch. I hope gargling and this medicine will knock it out of me quick.
  12. Luvkenny

    Gargle with what??

    I have been waking up with the worse sore throat. It's not just my throat though, it is also sore at the back of the top of my mouth. It hurts to swallow! I know someone once said you should gargle with something and this will help your throat. Anyone have any tricks or tips for me? I'm tired of...
  13. Luvkenny

    Going Gluten-Free

    Wow! I love reading good things when I read about people going "gluten-free". I have not caved in yet to the whole concept but I am getting closer. I imagine it is a lot harder to cook for and plan meals for a gluten-free diet.
  14. Luvkenny

    Gym is Closed

    I hate it when they do that! They used to clean the pool every month at my gym. It was always closed for two days. I'm glad they cleaned the pool and all but I missed my pool time and the laps I swam after each workout. I bet your gym will look great!
  15. Luvkenny

    Lost 4 pounds

    Awesome! I wish I could lose weight from just working. I have to bust my tail at the gym and in Zumba class. It would be great if I had a more energetic job where I could burn calories and get paid.
  16. Luvkenny

    A bad habit

    Coke! I should clarify and say Coca-Cola. I have quit drinking it many times but then I get the urge and I drink one. One leads to many and then I am drinking it again!
  17. Luvkenny

    Arthritis really?

    I hope it is just a calcium deposit. There are nights when she just cries because her knees hurt so much. I took her to see an Orthopaedic doc about a year ago. He never mentioned arthritis. He sent her to physical therapy.
  18. Luvkenny

    candle overflow

    Great tip - tell her you want to make one for someone else. I bet it was citronella too. That is the only thing I can think of that would help keep bugs away. I really don't think they even work that well. Maybe she found a special ingredient to use.
  19. Luvkenny

    Getting outside

    During the hottest days in the summer I still went outside. I just sat under the shade tree. I hate it when it's really humid outside. I love the sun but not the humidity. It makes it hard to breathe!
  20. Luvkenny

    Sinus Rinses

    There is no way I'm shooting anything up into my nose to clear my sinuses. I'm just afraid that something bad will happen. I take meds to control this although I don't want to. My doctor has never suggested a sinus rinse.