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  1. jason

    Naturopathica: The Sensorial Skincare Rooted In Herbal Medicine

    In the 1980’s, Barbara Close was studying herbal medicine in Santa Fe, New Mexico when her mother was diagnosed with lung cancer. Close, a former social worker, decided to go back home to Virginia to support her mom during her treatments. It was through this process that Close was able to see...
  2. jason

    People turning to herbal medicines for anxiety, pain, insomnia

    The World Health Organization estimates 80 percent of the world's population uses some type of herbal medicine. It's a growing trend in treating a variety of issues like fatigue and stress. Seventy-six-year-old Mia is feeling good these days, but a couple of years ago that was not the case. She...
  3. jason

    Hometown Herbalist: Herbal Planting Guide

    If you’re anything like me you’ve already hit your budget for this year’s garden, but in the off-chance that you haven’t (or just can’t say no to adding more), I wanted to send you off to the plant store with a list of some of my favorite garden herbs. The herbs featured below are easy to grow...
  4. jason

    No More Sneezing! 10 All-Natural Herbal Remedies to Stop Seasonal Allergies

    The flowers are blooming, the birds are chirping… and your seasonal allergies are acting up again. But instead of reaching right for an over-the-counter antihistamine that can make you feel groggy and less than 100 percent, consider relying on some of these all-natural herbal remedies to combat...
  5. jason

    1,000-Year-Old Illustrated Manuscript of Herbal Remedies Available Online

    Seeking natural remedies outside of chemical pharmaceuticals isn’t just for Eastern medicine. In fact, plant-based health cure also has a long tradition in Western medicine, as evidenced by a beautifully illustrated book in the British Libary’s collection. The Cotton MS Vitellius C III is a...
  6. jason

    Folk festival promotes fresh, locally grown organic veggies, herbs

    CANTON — A circle of vendor tables at Saturday’s eighth annual North Country Folk Festival at St. Lawrence University shared a common theme in many cases — promoting fresh, certified organic vegetables and herbs that had been grown locally through Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) sharing...
  7. jason

    Visiting Our Past: The world’s herbs gathered in this mountain bowl

    One of the biggest factors in the shaping of our history here is herbal variety. For millennia, it supported hunter-gatherers, a lifestyle that did not go extinct when agriculturalists swept in. When Europeans settled here, they depended on the Cherokee for woodland knowledge and opened up to...
  8. jason

    Want to Help Bees? Plant Flowering Herbs

    Herbs are among the most useful plants in nature. We use them in food and medicines. We use them in skin care products. We even use them to scent the air. But human beings are not the only creatures that love herbs. Bees, butterflies and other insects love them, too – as do some birds. David...
  9. jason

    Think spring, think fresh flavor, think herbs

    Herbs are more than pots on the windowsill or a garnish on your plate — they are an adventure in flavor. These plants, with their fragrant leaves, grow in temperate regions. They have been traded in various parts of the world for more than 2,000 years. Recent news about herbs has been focused on...
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    Greetings and salutations. How are you today?
  11. jason

    In-grown nail

    I'm a bit strange as I'm told and cut mine out. Well the wife does it now after she went to school to do nails. But I used both my big toes are ingrown. So I just slice the nail down the side and pull it out. I've been to two doctors who removed the nail and it grew back both times even...
  12. jason

    Last Harvest

    I'm lucky in Florida and there is no real last harvest except for some problems during the hot summer months. Right now I'm working in the garden planting things like cabbage, kohlrabi, carrots, kale, lettuce and other cool weather crops.
  13. jason

    Berry gardens?

    I've got about 20 blueberry plants. I also turned six rain barrels into strawberry planters and each one holds about 15-20 strawberry plants, although they are not all full right now. They are all in the flower bed in the back yard around the house.
  14. jason

    Local Honey

    Yeah, but you have to take it every day. I used to just have a cup of tea with a big helping of honey in the morning. Took a week or so but it helps. I wish I had a source right now, the wife used all of it up.
  15. jason

    Fall is here!

    Lowes already has Christmas decorations out. My friend who works for walmart says they are putting theirs out now too for Christmas. What ever happened to Halloween? Sorry, little mini-rant there. Fall is great, I always loved the leavings falling up north. Raking them up into piles and...
  16. jason


    I see the tree's being sold at the local home improvement stores, but haven't bought one. I cannot remember what they taste like and they are pretty expensive in the grocery store. About $4 or $5 for one. Almost cheaper to buy a tree for about $19.95.
  17. jason

    Outside Time

    I would go crazy if I did not get at least an hour on the back porch or in the yard. The more the better though.
  18. jason

    Krav Maga

    I have never tried it myself. From my understanding it is a big mix of different styles and is supposed to be more focused on real world situations. I do hear there is some brutal counter-attacks also.
  19. jason

    Working while on Vacation

    I do it more often then I should. Drives the wife crazy, but sometimes it needs to get done.
  20. jason

    Are most herbs perennials?

    Basil and dill are not perennial. Parsley is biennial. Oregano, chives, mint, and thyme are perennial. If you have any specific herbs you are looking at, please feel to post them.