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    How often do you wash your hair?

    I wash my hair every other day, although occasionally I will skip an extra day. I don't like to go any longer than that though.
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    Honey for Coughs

    Yes, a spoonful of straight honey is a bit much! I can slather it over bread all day, but by itself it's very rich. My daughter can't stand honey by itself.
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    His hobby keeps him sane!

    I like doing puzzles! It's been quite awhile since I have done any, however. I need to pick them back up. Crossword puzzles are my favorite, although I've never been good enough to do well with a New York Times version.
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    10 Reasons Why You Should Eat More Butter!

    I prefer real butter to margarine as well. I don't put it on our vegetables though, but I bet the kids would eat more vegetables if I did.
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    Honey for Coughs

    Do you take a spoonful of honey to help soothe a cough? I had a tickle in my throat last night and the honey took care of it just like that! Hopefully the cough doesn't come back: so far, so good.
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    Bubble baths and yeast infections

    Yes, I can no longer have bubble baths for this reason. I don't give bubble baths to my girls either. It's less fun for them, I guess, but they don't know what they are missing so they don't care.
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    Garlic makes me nauseated

    I'm sorry that garlic makes you suffer like that. It definitely sounds like an intolerance, so it'll be best for you to avoid it. If you're that nauseated, you're probably avoiding it by now anyway.
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    Spice rack

    I have never used fenugreek, but occasionally need mustard, coriander, and fennel seeds. I have them in my cabinet. By now they are probably so old there is little flavor left.
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    Lemongrass Oil Aromatherapy

    I have some lemon essential oil that I enjoy diffusing but I haven't tried lemongrass yet. Does it smell much different? I would think they’d have a similar scent.
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    White Fir Essential Oil

    It is like a pine scent and I love it. It seems very seasonal. I didn't know white fir kills airborne bacteria, but during cold and flu season, I am not going to complain.
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    Dry Skin

    The lower humidity of winter always means dry skin. It's not nearly as bad as it was when I lived up north, but it's annoying enough. I put lotion on frequently despite hating the initial feel of lotion.
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    A week without meat?

    How do you know it's great? Do you just feel better? I like to eat meatless meals a couple times a week, but I've never gone a full week without meat before.
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    Do you do anything to try to relieve stress?

    Exercise is my favorite way to relieve stress these days. I also do some deep breathing, read a book, or go hit a coffee shop alone. I really treasure having alone time since I had kids.
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    Yoga has helped me tremendously.

    Any exercise I do helps perk my mood and alleviates depression and anxiety. I don't have acute versions of either condition, but it feels like I often have to fight off those tendencies, if you know what I mean. I hope I never have to deal with full-blown depression again.
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    Have you ever tried going on a raw diet?

    I don't think an entirely raw diet is healthy. It's good to eat raw fruits and vegetables but some actually have more nutrients after cooking, depending on the method.
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    Walking 30 minutes per day

    I'm not good about working out daily, but I hit the gym pretty hard twice a week. I usually spend 90 minutes or so doing cardio and strength training.
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    White Fir Essential Oil

    I just bought a bottle of white fir essential oil and I love the scent. Our diffuser is getting some frequent use these days. Have you ever smelled white fir?
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    Sharing a doctor

    That seems odd to me too. It's his prerogative, obviously, but I don't understand why he cares. In the end, though, it's not a big deal.
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    Oil Pulling

    You basically swish an oil all around the inside of your mouth for twenty minutes and it's supposed to keep your gums and teeth healthy. I've never tried it because I think I'd have a hard time not gagging or vomiting. That's a long time to keep oil in your mouth.
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    Christmas Candles

    Do you make any candles especially for Christmas? I like to make red and green ones and burn them around the house during the holiday season.