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  1. hppyfngy

    Albizia tincture

    I wonder if any of you have tinctured this? My Mimosas are in bloom and I am going to. Just curious about how to do the bark and leaves. Anyone?
  2. hppyfngy

    Sinus Spay Concoction

    I want to make a sinus spray for ease of inflammation and irritation and also for clearing a stuffy head. Not necessarily for any medical condition. I'm thinking a simple sea salt solution but I want to incorporate eucalyptus oil and peppermint oil. Any thoughts on making this or any...
  3. hppyfngy

    Focus Tincture Recipe Experiment

    Hi Folks. I've been making tinctures for several years now and have been experimenting recently with a focus tincture for myself and for some friends. "Artist-types" who some say have ADD, but I just say are scatter-brained. :) So this is what I am trying out. Equal parts of: Siberian...