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    Got Boils?

    Hello everyone! Nature here with another post for you all! I had the most unpleasant experience with boils bar none over the winter. my hair is very corse so it added to the drama and worsened my predicament. Those suffering with Hidradenitis suppurativa (HS) or reallllllly bad boils know the...
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    Buy herbs and seeds w/e you want

    Richters Herbs - Medicinal, Culinary, Aromatic - Plants & Seeds there canadian so look and see if they ship to the US. i got my seeds and plants in mint condition and very quickly within a week.
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    curing bad skin and over all health

    Hello everyone i am back from the hospital after a horrible car crash, i was out for a few weeks with a shattered rib cage and a broken hand. it was the most frightening thing that has ever happened to me (I wasn't driving). BUT ENOUGH ABOUT THAT I want to talk about a few herbal wonders that...
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    have depression?

    Depression got you down, why not eat some rasins!, i was feeling down for a few months and im talkin 10 story building depressed, i went to a chinese herbal shop and the lady told me to eat a bowl of rasins, im like i can't eat that much rasins..., she said just eat them through out the day by...
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    I dare you to...

    Hey whats up, I had this idea for a game for the forums that everyone can play. the way the game goes is some one says I DARE YOU.. to do (ex. 10-15 pushups every day 2 times a day and do squats or until failure ) . This WILL make you lose weight and tone up your body take a day off and only...
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    the real look at fast food

    now if your like me you cringe and make sicky faces when you see mc Donald's or burger king or any other fastfood stops, im reallllllllllly anal about what i put in my system and as should all of you so i give you what the tv shows you compared to what the crap they actually serve you in the...
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    garlic healing

    ok i just wanna say AHHHHHHH IT BURNS!!!! i just used a garlic poultice for my neck i have like these pimple like lumps and there pretty big so i used garlic for it and i have never felt a 4th degree burn before and now i have... it was amazing though 25 minutes of that and the worst was over...
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    A MUST READ Fighting fit meal plan (fighters meal plan)

    FIGHTERS EATING PLAN (still can use it if you wanna eat better and lose mega weight.) (btw this took me 2 hours to type up so please USE IT TO THE FULLEST!!!!!!) You ever feel so tired, sore and unmotivated that training and working out is the last thing on your mind? Chances are a big...
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    tomato question

    why are tomato leaves not sold? are they harmful to the body? or no reaction at all?
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    where i'll be camping FOR THE HERBALIST HUT !!!!!!

    ok a while back i said i was going to be doing a survivalist challenge and i would document it for all of you and give a shout out to the forum, "where are you camping" you may ask, and i have the answer ;P this is where i'll be spending my 10 days in the wild. YouTube - ‪Gros Morne, TV Ad...
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    do you have a crappy liver? eat DANDELIONS!!, do you have really bad vitamine intake? eat DANDELIONS!! do you hate your mother in law? eat DANDELIONS!!! all this can be avoided if you eat dandelions :D
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    HUGE *** list of herbal sites!!!

    well i was looking through some of my bookmarked sites and i thought of all of you and see if you all would benefit from these, they are all random so search them a lot. (see it's all from stumbleupon, i use that like religiously lol) 1: Health Benefits Of Fennel Tea - StumbleUpon 2: 7...
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    Stumble upon

    here all you herb heads will like this site i am posting is for what i use to search for healthy eating and fitness along with games and music Discover the Best of the Web
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    so whats your work out?

    so what i wanna know is what is your favorite work out that you find that gives the best results for that mussel, for me personally i find that the Hindu pushup unrivaled. so whats yours?:D
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    herbalist hut online store

    you know that sounds awesome, t-shirts, herbs, seeds, books. seems like a good idea.
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    what kind of plants do you like to play with

    me personally i love poisonous and weird exotic plants, if it can kill you or mess with you it deserves study and respect.
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    what kind of hell could i rase with this

    this would so be on the news if the trails in town were taken over, english ivy cancer of the forest. hmmmm EPOW Ecology Picture of the Week --  Killer Ivy
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    list of poisons (dog)

    there are many things your dog can get into, if there not careful they could get sick or die, even worse a slow painful over the top death such as blindness, vomiting, seizures, aggression...or anything you can think of. watch your animals in the wild and what they eat, here is a list of...
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    breeding new types of plants

    has anyone of you cross breed a plant and made a new type? im trying but don't know how to go about it. but i know it is do able
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    truth teller plants

    are there any plants that can make a person tell the truth, i know the army uses it but i don't have a name or picture of it, i want to grow it and study this plant any one know what it's name is? i know my interest in crazy *** plants are unnerving but it's my thing, i also got a telegraph...