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  1. Raspberry Leaf

    What's everyone reading?

    I read quite a bit, and as of late, I've been hankering for a good book, but can't find one. What are some of your favorite reads? I need some decent brain food!
  2. Raspberry Leaf

    The most bizarre thing I have ever seen

    I think so. It's Method, I found it at Target. They have a lot of mint cleaners that smell pretty good. The vanilla is very faint, but it softens the peppermint a bit. It smells very pleasant. I'm definitely stocking up on it!
  3. Raspberry Leaf

    Favorite Scent

    I used to have a jasmine vanilla candle I loved. These days, it's mostly woodsy scents and vanilla. Now that it's December, I'd love an evergreen candle. I really miss Yankee Candle's Honeydew Melon candle. Can't seem to find them anymore, but those were the best.
  4. Raspberry Leaf

    The most bizarre thing I have ever seen

    I found the most interesting all purpose cleaner I had ever seen the other day. I've seen all kinds of different varieties from Method, but peppermint vanilla? That seemed too good to be true. actually smells wonderful! I'm glad I spotted it. My kitchen smells very Christmas-y now!
  5. Raspberry Leaf

    Stinky Candles

    In the past, I was never a fan of "woodsy" smells, but over time, patchouli, sandalwood, and cedar have really grown on me. Last year Bath and Body Works had a candle called Fireside that was really nice. Unfortunately, they didn't have it this year. I was quite disappointed.
  6. Raspberry Leaf

    Best herbs for anxiety?

    Thank you! I'll have to run these by a doctor and see what they say. You never know how things can interact. I had a friend who got very sick from taking St. John's Wort on top of an antidepressant. Always, always go with doctor supervision!
  7. Raspberry Leaf

    Vitamins and supplements for boosting mood

    I've heard that Evening Primrose is excellent for helping to alleviate issues with hormonal imbalances, but I didn't know it could help with mood. I'll have to check both of those out and see what the good doctor says. Thanks!
  8. Raspberry Leaf

    The machine that everyone should have...

    Wow, I didn't know that, Aconite. Color me convinced! I think I know what's going under the Christmas tree this year. Investing in your health is always a good gift.
  9. Raspberry Leaf

    The machine that everyone should have...

    I think I could definitely get behind this idea. Floss (even the pick kind) has always grossed me out a little. A water pik sounds much more hygienic and effective. I didn't know they existed--thanks for the share!
  10. Raspberry Leaf

    His hobby keeps him sane!

    Hobbies are much more important than people realize, especially ones that require close attention. The long term benefits of crossword puzzles, number puzzles, and other activities that give your brain "exercise" are proven to help combat diseases like Alzheimer's and Parkinson's.
  11. Raspberry Leaf

    Lavender cookies

    Make sure that you specifically use edible lavender. It's usually available at gourmet and higher-end grocery stores. Regular lavender will taste soapy. I made that mistake once--never again.
  12. Raspberry Leaf

    Lavender cookies

    I never would have thought lavender would work well with food if I hadn't tried them in a shop once. We used to have a bakery where I live that had all kinds of neat biscuits and cookies. They had these wonderful lavender macarons that were absolutely amazing. I'm still trying to find a way to...
  13. Raspberry Leaf

    Lavender cookies

    It's almost Christmas cookie season again, and this year, I plan on making another batch of lavender cookies. If you've never had a lavender cookie, you have to try them! They're very light and floral, similar to rose cookies. They do very well as macarons, too.
  14. Raspberry Leaf

    Gaba, anyone?

    Interesting! I'll have to look into that. I knew that GABA was a neurotransmitter, but I had no idea they'd found a way to make a supplement for it.
  15. Raspberry Leaf

    Vitamins and supplements for boosting mood

    I've done some research into which vitamins and supplements are good for easing depression and boosting mood, but I'm wondering which ones are reliable. I've tried St. John's Wort, but I don't seem to tolerate it very well. I've heard good things about B vitamins, omega-3 fatty acids, and...
  16. Raspberry Leaf

    Benefits of Lemongrass

    Lemongrass and mint sounds amazing! I'm gonna have to look that up to see what I can find. I did a search, and apparently lemongrass is good for sore throats, fevers, pain relief, infections, wound care, and detoxing. It apparently has antidepressant properties, too. I'm going to have to start...
  17. Raspberry Leaf

    Stress-Related Nape Tension and Pain

    I have a similar problem with tension in my neck. When it flares up, I try to rest it as much as possible, and I put on a heated neck wrap. They're pretty simple to make and very effective for soothing pain.
  18. Raspberry Leaf

    Oregano Tea

    Interesting! I would never have guessed that oregano would work as a home remedy. How effective was it? I imagine it probably tasted pretty intense.
  19. Raspberry Leaf


    There are several recipes online for making your own lip stains, lipsticks, and eyeshadows that are relatively simple and cheap to make. Have you tried checking Etsy for homemade cosmetics?
  20. Raspberry Leaf

    How much coffee?

    I think it depends on your individual tolerance. I used to be able to drink an entire pot of coffee by myself when I was younger. Not anymore! I can barely handle two cups of coffee without it making me jittery.