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    How often do you wash your hair?

    I know that the natural oils in hair are important and it's bad to wash it excessively. For 20 years, I washed my hair every single day. When I was 20, I tried washing my hair twice a week, either every two days or every three days. That did not work for me. My hair was always greasy. Now, I...
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    Make your own natural face and body scrub.

    So, I have been using this simple recipe for a while now and I love it. You only need 2 ingredients. Olive oil Sugar or sea salt (Your Preference) Just mix 1/4 cup olive oil with either 1 cup sugar or sea salt, and you're done. If you have sensitive skin or open cuts in your skin, I recommend...
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    Do you do anything to try to relieve stress?

    Do you exercise, do you take deep breaths, read, etc? If there are things you do to relax. what are they? I am looking for more options. Right now, I do yoga. It helps a lot, but I am looking for other ideas to add to yoga to intensify the state of relaxation that I get.
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    Yoga has helped me tremendously.

    I suffer from depression and anxiety very severely. I was on medication for years, but nothing ever seemed to help much. I then turned to more natural options, such as hypnosis and yoga. Hypnosis would help me for maybe 20 minutes. But, I have been practicing yoga daily for a while now, and it...
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    Have you ever tried going on a raw diet?

    A raw diet is pretty much where you eat nothing but raw and fruits and vegetables. I can't imagine it being all that healthy because you are missing other nutrients in your diet. But, I did try it once. It only lasted about two weeks. I was hungry all the time and it just wasn't satisfying...