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  1. ThymeforRodney

    Potassium Too High

    I'm starting to have muscle spasms in my legs again and it's very painful. Every time I do this, I have had too much potassium in my blood according to my blood work the doctor does. I DO take a supplement but I also eat bananas. I'm on a banana kick right now and I've been forgetting to take...
  2. ThymeforRodney

    Herb Christmas Presents?

    I have been looking at some mature plants placed in decorative pots at one of our local garden centers. I have some friends that would love this type of gift! I'm going to get a few and give them to them for their kitchen windows so they can have them close to use often.
  3. ThymeforRodney

    Foods Containing Potassium Naturally?

    I take a diuretic and take supplemental potassium I lose when I am getting rid of the extra fluid I have in my body. I would prefer to get my potassium naturally and need suggestions for food that contains potassium. I know bananas do, but you do get tired of eating bananas constantly. Any...
  4. ThymeforRodney

    Neti Pot

    I've been tempted to start using a Neti pot for some time now. I have a thing about water in my nose though. I still can't swim if my head is under water and it's all mental. I know that mentally but my body still goes haywire if I get near it with water. Is there a way to get through this?
  5. ThymeforRodney

    Bacterial Vaginitis?

    My wife thought she had a vaginal yeast infection and took the three days worth of Diflucan to get rid of it. It did help but not every symptom is gone. She still is itching and burning. She says she feels "raw" like a baby who has diaper rash. I think she had a yeast infection and a bacterial...
  6. ThymeforRodney

    Making Your Own Perfume

    I saw an article on Instructables on making your own cologne or perfume. There are tips for men's fragrances and women's fragrances. I love that site. They have a bit of everything. The internet has made the "how to" world global and it is so nice to get instructions for everything right at your...
  7. ThymeforRodney

    Best Fish Oil

    I've heard that oil from krill is the best you can get for helping to decrease your cholesterol and help with arthritis. Is this the best or is this just hype. I really need to take fish oil but I don't want to take the wrong kind.
  8. ThymeforRodney

    Stuffy Nose All of the Time

    I have been having trouble with having a stuffy nose lately and it's driving me crazy. Does anyone have any aroma therapy recipes for stuffy noses?
  9. ThymeforRodney


    I have one cat out of three that loves catnip. The other two just look at me like I've lost my mind when I put it on the floor for them. I'm planning on making the big boy who likes catnip so well a bed with some of it inside. I thought I would make a cushion and then make a slip to fit over it...
  10. ThymeforRodney

    Tea Tree Oil for Fungal Infections

    As long as it is topical, tea tree oil several times a day to the area the fungus has affected is a great cure. The oil smells botanical so it smells great and you can tell the difference in a few days with continued use. You have to use it longer than a drugstore anti-fungal but it does work.
  11. ThymeforRodney


    I woke up yesterday and I have a good case of laryngitis. I don't think it's anything but a virus because I'm not coughing up anything and I don't have any color to the nasal secretions that I'm having. I just have trouble during the early morning talking. Anyone know something that would help?
  12. ThymeforRodney

    Intestinal Health

    I've been having quite a few issues with either constipation or diarrhea. I eat well, I get vegetables and fruits in my diet. I watch the consumption of sugars and fats but nothing seems to help. I don't like yogurt so I'm looking for something else that may help me to regulate things. Any help...
  13. ThymeforRodney

    Skin Moisturizer

    The skin on my hands gets so dry in the winter that the skin over my knuckles cracks and bleeds. Is there a natural alternative to hand lotions. I'm not to thrilled about lotion when I started reading all of the chemicals in it.
  14. ThymeforRodney

    Glucosamine for Pets?

    I have an older Chihuahua/Pomeranian mix that has a bit of arthritis in his hips. He is a bit older so I'm cautious about giving him anything. I have, however, found a mix of glucosamine and chondrotin for pets that I'm going to try on him. Has anyone tried this and did it work as advertised?
  15. ThymeforRodney


    I've seen advertisements for ionizers that are available to purchase. They have all sorts of claims attached but I was just wondering if these are really beneficial or are they just another scam?
  16. ThymeforRodney

    Lacto Bacillus

    I have been having some trouble with bowel problems and I've been trying to find some lacto bacillus that isn't in yogurt. I really don't like yogurt so I really need to find a supplement to help with this. Anyone?
  17. ThymeforRodney

    Massage for Arthritis?

    I have back pain due to arthritis and it really acts up sometimes. I was just wondering if a massage would help or would it make things more painful? I try to stay away from medication if I can.
  18. ThymeforRodney

    Chapped Lips

    Every winter, my bottom lip will split open in the same spot every year when the cold starts. I have no idea why this happens but I'm guessing I lick my lips when I get out in the cold. But the same spot? Can anyone tell me what I can do besides use lip balm. I'm just not the lip balm kind of guy.
  19. ThymeforRodney

    Do You Meditate?

    I was just wondering if anyone here meditates? I have found it very useful in controlling pain and headaches if I practice every day. A friend taught me to do it and it's wonderful even if it does just decrease stress for the time.
  20. ThymeforRodney

    Making Your Own Capsaicin Cream?

    I use a cream for local arthritis relief that has capsaicin in it. I was thinking on this the other day and I was wondering if anyone had ever made their own cream with capsaicin in it? I seems like it would be easy to do but how would you get the main ingredients?