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  1. ThymeforRodney

    essential oils bad for you?

    Some you do have to dilute or they will burn you, but if used carefully and with knowledge of how to use them, as heytacos has said, then they are not dangerous at all. You just have to research the use, side effects, and when not to use them before you go off half cocked and do something wrong.
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    Puppy in with older dog

    I brought in a 6 week old Chihuahua into a household of 4 older dogs. The youngest male dog took her under his wing and took care of her like she was his pup. He cleaned her, taught her how to do things and made sure she ate and drank. It was like having a male nanny. He still takes care of her...
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    There have been a lot of parties in my area too. I haven't bought anything yet, but I have been sorely tempted. I may have to have a party of my own so I can get some of those sweet scents cheaper.
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    Scents make you sick

    The vanilla cream candles scents are ones that I just don't like. Actually, any of the vanilla scents are not my favorites. I would rather have a spice scent than a vanilla any day.
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    Is Chiropractic Dangerous?

    It can be if they don't know what they are doing. I've seen some injuries to spines and surrounding areas because of carelessness and lack of preparation. I do love my chiropractor though. He has helped me through some very painful times. The guy I see goes to continuing education programs about...
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    Potassium Too High

    I'm starting to have muscle spasms in my legs again and it's very painful. Every time I do this, I have had too much potassium in my blood according to my blood work the doctor does. I DO take a supplement but I also eat bananas. I'm on a banana kick right now and I've been forgetting to take...
  7. ThymeforRodney

    Upset Stomach?

    Golden seal or peppermint will help too. Golden seal is very bitter though so you need to find some in capsules to take. I used to take this for nausea a great deal and it worked fine. The peppermint is a bit more pleasant though and can be sipped to get it down if necessary.
  8. ThymeforRodney

    Herb Christmas Presents?

    I have been looking at some mature plants placed in decorative pots at one of our local garden centers. I have some friends that would love this type of gift! I'm going to get a few and give them to them for their kitchen windows so they can have them close to use often.
  9. ThymeforRodney

    Preservatives in food.

    I know. I have had to start looking at ingredients like that because there is a certain one I'm sensitive to. It makes me ill when I eat it so I have to be extremely careful to watch for it.
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    Pinched Nerve

    Oh man! I feel sorry for you. I had a pinched nerve in my low back for a while and it was very painful. This is something you need to go to the doctor for, unfortunately. You can try an application of cold for 20 minutes, off 20 minutes then heat for 20 minutes and off for 20 minutes and so...
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    Any ideas?

    I do the same with some of my medications. I keep a glass of water with me constantly. If I'm not in a situation where that's feasible, I use gum or candy to stimulate my salivary glands to work. Chewing especially works well, so the gum works better. There are also some products especially for...
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    Foods Containing Potassium Naturally?

    I take a diuretic and take supplemental potassium I lose when I am getting rid of the extra fluid I have in my body. I would prefer to get my potassium naturally and need suggestions for food that contains potassium. I know bananas do, but you do get tired of eating bananas constantly. Any...
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    Mouse traps

    The small rotating traps are fantastic. They are live traps in essence, especially for mice. Here is one that's one of the cheaper ones. - PIC Humane Catch & Release Mouse Traps, 2 traps I prefer them because my wife freaks out if she sees a dead one, especially with blood. Bait...
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    I've never heard of it. If it helps, however, I'm sure my wife would be very interested in it. She is going through menopause right now and the hot flashes are driving her crazy.
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    Giving cats a bath

    Man! I wish you luck bathing a cat. You may get by with a bath when it's small, but watch out when it gets bigger. It's not an easy task, to bathe a cat.
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    Cinnamon Apple Candle

    I've seen candles with the dried fruit around it in wax that doesn't melt when you burn it. but you cannot put fresh fruit or herbs in your candles. As far as cinnamon scent, you need to get candle scents to place in the wax.
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    We have a regular bedtime and try our best to keep it consistant. It makes me feel much better if I have a routine to keep to. I try about 9:30, to start getting things ready and then get in bed at around 10p.
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    Acetaminophen and Asthma

    Aspirin can do the same thing. I know a young man who is in the hospital right now that had an asthma attack after he took aspirin. He was in ICU for a bit but is getting better.
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    Best Type Of Dry Dog Food

    I think that every processed dog food needs to be supplemented. Every day that the food sits, it loses vitamins. You could just give them the diet you eat as well but that would run a bit expensively. I would say to supplement.
  20. ThymeforRodney

    Dog eating Grass

    Animals need vegetable materials as well as we do. Your dog is doing what cats do with wheat grass. I try to give my dogs as many vegetables cooked or cut up as they will eat along with the meat that they get. Mine love carrots, celery, tomatoes and raw green beans.