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  1. chabella

    How often do you wash your hair?

    I use shampoo with conditioner every other day since I also have blonde highlights in it now but I still rinse it out at least three other times during the week too otherwise it gets all Albert Einstein on me. :D
  2. chabella

    Padding for yoga (or exercise)

    I need a better mat than the one I am using now. I have had it for a few years but it seems like it is losing the fullness of it quicker than I thought. What is a good (thick) mat to use?
  3. chabella

    Flat stomach

    I know that you can not get that picture perfect flat stomach from just doing a sit-up or a few, but what actually makes it? How long would it take to do and what type of exercises would you need to invest time in? Mine is not terribly bad but it could be better.
  4. chabella

    Aloe Vera Juice

    I have never tried either really. What are the good things that can come from drinking it? I have never heard of such a thing, sorry of it seems like a dense question.
  5. chabella

    Garlic makes me nauseated

    This has never been a problem for me or anyone in our family. We eat enough garlic to keep all types of vampires aware. It does make me wonder though, do you have the same reaction to other foods too?
  6. chabella

    Bubble baths and yeast infections

    I can not even remember the last time I took a bubble bath. I would much rather take a day off and head out to get a pedicure. I hate the feeling of relaxing in the tub and then having to step out of it, it always feels warmer when I am getting out of the shower.
  7. chabella

    10 Reasons Why You Should Eat More Butter!

    We love butter in this house and I really need to purchase a ceramic butter keeper. Does anyone here have one of these? Butter "sauce" as we call it for the kids works great to get them to eat veggies too.
  8. chabella

    In-grown nail

    I am worried that if mine keep up I am going to need them surgically removed too. I hate the idea of surgery on any type but the pain is sometimes just unbearable. I should probably talk to my doctor about it.
  9. chabella

    Health question in general

    I really have no idea other than that is the way we were made. I guess I have never really stopped to think about it myself.
  10. chabella

    Acupuncture for pets?

    After a friend had an issue with her older dog and joint pain I started to think about it. The same gal is going to work for a close-by animal rescue that helps to teach about animal therapy so the thought just popped in my head. :)
  11. chabella

    Dry Skin

    I found a good lotion that I got on a freebie deal from Pinch Me. It is a Suave product and off the top of my head I forget the type, but it is listed for dry skin and is dermatologist tested and approved. It comes in a white bottle with blue lettering on it.
  12. chabella

    Sharing a doctor

    I don't think he can dislike someone he has never met before. Husbands are weird sometimes that I know. Right now he has a cold and has been feeling pretty bad for most of the week, that means I get to look forward to a long weekend playing nurse.
  13. chabella

    Mattress Foam?

    I know when we bought our couch the guy said we can purchase replacement foams but that is a smaller cut than what would be needed for a full bed. I wonder if it really uses the same type of material?
  14. chabella

    Acupuncture for pets?

    I have read that this can work for cats but what about other animals, either those domesticated like a dog or farm animals? What can you do for a large animal that has issues?
  15. chabella

    Who's cooking today?

    For us today, no one cooked dinner. We ate out at Red Robin and it was well worth it after the crazy day we had. We spent most of the day at the vet with my husband's mother because her dog was acting very odd. He is good now but we were really worried.
  16. chabella

    Sharing a doctor

    That is what I thought too. Thankfully the office I visit along with the kids has more than one doctor there so he will just have to deal with it. The main reason I wanted him to see the doctor I like is because he thinks exactly like we do and I know my husband would appreciate that (if he...
  17. chabella

    Christmas Candles

    I have not made them for the holidays but I have made them. Right now we have some from last year that were given to us as gifts in baskets and boxes. I am just about at my candle limit right now, every room has them!
  18. chabella

    Why hot peppers are good for you

    We are not that much of a fan of peppers here, I do love spicy chicken though. Would it do the same thing flushing your system even if you are not eating peppers?
  19. chabella

    Losing hair!

    Have you changed anything recently? Any new products that you can think of? A friend of mine who I went to school with always had thinning hair but it runs in her family.
  20. chabella

    Sharing a doctor

    My husband is against sharing the same family doctor which seems odd to me. The doctor can not tell either of us about the other without permission. What would make him worry this much?